Video Review: Bad Bunny “Booker T”

A semi-truck drives on the road. Inside, Booker T stands with his arms crossed. Bad Bunny leans against the wall and walks towards Booker T. He dances by him. Booker T raises his eyebrows as Bad Bunny whispers to him. The lights go out in the trailer.

On a field, several puppets sing. The Bad Bunny puppet holds his Grammy award. Back in the trailer, Bad Bunny stands by himself and drinks a bottle of water. Booker T digs his fingers into his muscles and dances. Bad Bunny leans against the wall.

Rating: 3/5

Bad Bunny peeks out from Booker T’s shoulder. Booker T spreads out his arms. Bad Bunny rams into them and apologizes. Booker T tells him it’s safe now. Bad Bunny remarks the two tall guys were really scary. He imitates Booker T slamming them to the floor, exclaiming, “pow! pow!” Booker says he was just doing his job.

Bad Bunny asks him if knows where they are. Booker T checks his cell phone and says they are somewhere in Los Angeles. Bad Bunny sighs with relief and sits on the sidewalk. Booker T hands him a bottle of water. Bad Bunny it seems as though they left the state. Booker T replies that they did. However, he was able to take hold of the driver and get him out of the seat.

Booker T calls for someone to pick them up. Bad Bunny says he didn’t know if he was going to get out alive. Booker T says the two tall guys were nothing. Bad Bunny says they were probably going to go to the desert. Booker T says the two tall guys won’t be kidnapping anyone again. Booker T answers his cell phone and says he talked to the police. The semi-truck was found with evidence of past murders.

Director: Stillz Year: 2021

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