Video Review: Juice Newton “Queen of Hearts”

A young man deals cards on a table. Circa 1880s, a train rides to its next stop. Juice Newton plays the guitar as she performs on stage. Newton, wearing a Victorian saloon dress, gestures with her thumb. A thirtysomething picks her up in his small train. She sits in the train and waves.

Lit in royal blue, the thirtysomething man pushes her on the swing. Back at the table, the young man holds up the Queen of Hearts. She gasps and throws up her hands as she thirtysomething man is thrown off the swing. Twirling her parasol, she sits in the jail cell.

Wearing a bandana over her face, she holds up the thirtysomething man in a horse-and-carriage. He raises his hands. Her bandana falls off. She lands in jail again. The thirtysomething man smiles as three different women sleep next to him on separate nights. Newton, wearing a nightgown, points a gun in his face. He covers his face with a sheet. The jail cell closes as she stands inside wearing her nightgown.

Rating: 2.5/5

Juice Newton pats her gun in her pocket as she walks in the mountain. A horse approaches her. She pets its nose and asks it, “where’s your owner?” She gets on it and rides the horse into another town. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she taps the horse and tells it to stop. A thirtysomething man rushes out with some water. She drawls, “thank you, good sir.” He says he has a stable to put her horse.

The thirtysomething man asks her where she’s from. She tears down a Wanted sign, featuring her face and says she’s from Wyoming. He mentions it’s quite a ways. Two twentysomething men point their guns at her and demand her surrender. She takes out her gun and shoots. The thirtysomething man scrambles on the ground. He tries to stand up and she shoots him. He knew too much. The two twentysomething men lie on the ground. She stuffs their guns in her duffel bag. The thirtysomething man’s breathing becomes labored as she takes his wallet.

She takes her horse and says they have to go again. While in another town, she orders a meal for herself and gets some food for her horse. The saloon owner says it’s not safe out there for such a pretty lady. She smiles at him and takes his hand. She gives him a fake name and says she’s a widowed teacher. The saloon owner says he’s sorry about her loss and invites her to stay with him. As she teaches in class, a 10-year-old boy says it’s the lady’s face from the poster. The principal pins her arrest the chalkboard and tells the 10-year-old boy to get the sheriff.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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