Video Review: Gabby Barrett “The Good Ones”

A twentysomething man (Patrick Worstell) slices a piece of wood with a saw. He takes the wood off his truck and places it near the garage. Gabby Barrett looks out the window her home and smiles. A twentysomething woman (Madeline Delp) gets a piggyback ride from him as they walk on the grass.

The twentysomething woman throws up her arms as he wheels her in the motorized shopping cart. She puts her arm around him as leans forward. As she points the various bags of chips, he puts them in the cart. She straddles him as he holds her in the pool.

Barrett stands by the television in her family room. The twentysomething man and woman sit on the grass in a field. Barrett sits on her couch. The twentysomething man and woman talk on the couch. He puts on a DVD of one of her dance recitals as a kid. The twentysomething woman laughs and covers her eyes. He notices her looking down. While they sit on the grass, her wheelchair is off to the side.

She sits in the chair in the garage and smiles. He ties up the harness around her and they dance under the arch. A twentysomething man (Cade Foehner) stands by Barrett at the window. She takes his hand.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman grunts as she tries to stand up. She falls back into the wheelchair. All she wanted to do was to do something herself. She used to be able to until about 10 years ago. Ten years ago, she was walking to school with one of her best friend. A car had been going too fast as it turned the corner, striking them both. She lived. Her best friend didn’t survive her injuries.

Most of her freshmen year of high school was spent in physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. She cried for the pain, the guilt and the life she might never have. Getting married or having a boyfriend became out of her reach. Although she liked guys at school, they told her they wanted to be her friend. Some of her friends stopped talking to her. During therapy, she closed her eyes and willed her legs to move again. But they never did. She had accepted her life wouldn’t ever be normal.

A twentysomething man had sat with her at a coffee shop. They talked for a few hours. He asked her out on a date. She gestured to the chair and said it was a part of her. He told her he didn’t care. She still told him no. He was sweet and handsome. She was falling, even if she didn’t want to. However, she did yes to a date, to moving in with him, and to a proposal. It made sense.

Director: Roger Pistole Year: 2019

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