Video Review: Trey Lorenz “Photograph of Mary”

Filmed through a tan filter, Trey Lorenz sits on the windowsill of his apartment and looks out. Several people dance in the family room. A thirtysomething woman holds a boom mike by Lorenz as he sings. Three thirtysomething woman sing somewhere in the crowd. A twentysomething lies on the rug and blows a bubble.

A pony stands on the rug. A second twentysomething woman dances in place as she sits in the wicker chair. A thirtysomething man talks to someone on the telephone.  A third twentysomething woman dances on the table. Lorenz dances within the crowd. Three twentysomething sit in a bathtub. Lorenz talks to a baby sitting on a table. Lorenz and some of the people lie on the floor. He and his friends continue to dance.

Rating: 2/5

Trey Lorenz blinks as a a baby’s shrill cry wakes him up. The thirtysomething woman rocks him in her arms. He reaches for the pony and she tells him no. Lorenz rubs his eyes and sees the pony eat some of his plants. He rushes over and moves it onto the counter. Looking around the house, he sees most of his house plants chewed up. He heaves as he steps in vomit. The thirtysomething cringes and apologizes for not cleaning it up.

The pony walks up to him. He pets its nose while he puts away the instruments. A second twentysomething walks out the bedroom, exclaiming, “whoo!” He turns to the second twentysomething woman and puts a sheet over her. She says she’s still just a little bit drunk. He asks her to please wear more than a bra and panties. She shrugs and mutters it’s just clothes.

Lorenz calls up the farm about the pony. The farm tells him he bought it last night. He says he only wanted to rent it. They say they’ll be over in a few hours to pick up the pony. The pony licks his face. Lorenz finds a bowl and cuts up some lettuce. He puts the bowl in front of the pony. The thirtysomething woman tells him goodnight and hugs him. The baby touches a vase and it crashes it to the floor. The thirtysomething offers to pay for it. He says it was just from his now dead grandmother and no payment is necessary. She gasps and says it had to be worth something. He gets the broom and clears it as she leaves. The second twentysomething woman says she’s going to wash the sheets. He says he just changed them. A twentysomething walks out of the bedroom in his boxers. He points to the laundry basket.

Director: Marcus Nispel Year: 1993

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