Video Review: Samantha Fox “I Wanna Have Some Fun”

Lit in scarlet red, a twentysomething shirtless man kisses Samantha Fox’s shoulder in the bedroom. On the steps of a building, Paul Anthony points as he stands with Bow-Legged Lou, Shy Shy, B-Fine, Curt T-T and Baby Gee (Full Force). Several young men dance by the entrance of the building. Fox, wearing jeans, a denim jacket and t-shirt, walks to the young men and joins their dance routine.

Back in the bedroom, she kisses the twentysomething man’s chest. Wearing sunglasses, she touches a young man’s face as she continues to dance. As it rains, Full Force remain on the steps. She and the young men dance in front of the fountain. Lit in electric blue, she sits on a motorcycle with the young man. Fox gets off the motorcycle and dances with the young men.

She stands on the steps and dances with the young men. Full Force walks towards Fox. She kisses Bow-Legged Lou on the cheek and stands behind them.

Rating: 4/5

Samantha Fox accepts a dance from a twentysomething man. She blushes as he tells her she’s beautiful. He asks her if she wants to go somewhere private. She pushes him away and says she can’t. She’s dating someone else. He puts his arms around her and says it doesn’t matter to him. She pulls his arm away and says she has to leave.

Her best friend asks her if she’s okay. Fox says she wants to go to another bar. An acquaintance of hers exchanges concerned glances with her best friend. Her best friend says she has nothing to feel bad about. She has every right to talk someone. Fox exclaims she’s in a committed relationship. Her best friend says it’s the first time they’d seen her for a year. Her acquaintance tells her they picked her up a few blocks from her home.

Fox tiptoes into the house. Her boyfriend sits with his arms crossed. She tells she was out with some friends. He eyes her up and down as he gets up. She says she may have a little too much to drink. He tells her to sober up and gestures to the couch. She glances at the door and walks to the closet to find a blanket.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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