Video Review: The Weeknd “Save Your Tears”

Lit in teal, a young man, wearing a sequined silver, skull mask plays the piano in the church. The Weeknd, with a bloated face, sings into the microphone as he stands on a platform near the altar. Lights flash on a smirking twentysomething wearing a golden sequined mask.  People sit at their tables and watch him.

The Weeknd walks off the stage and guzzles a glass of champagne from a table. He rests his arm on the second young man’s head. Dancing between the tables, he pauses at at table of a twentysomething man and woman, wearing silver masks, sitting straight and looking ahead. He walks on the table and sprays a bottle of champagne on them. Drinking from it, he spits it into the audience.

Grabbing a trophy, he walks up to the stage and tosses it. The spotlight shines on a third twentysomething woman as she sits at a table, unmasked. He gives her hand and they walk on stage together. She dances as he sings to her. Behind his back, he holds a gun. The church darkens. The Weeknd grins as she holds the gun to his head. She screams.

Lit in cardinal red, he stands in silhouette. He walks on the tables on the way back to the stage. While dancing, he holds the gun in his other hand. He points the gun to his head and shoots it. Confetti pops out of it.  He bursts out laughing.

Rating: 5/5

The Weeknd entertains the audience about his last encounter with two young women fans. He chuckles, explaining they were gorgeous and he was looking forward to sleeping with them. Glancing behind the altar, he shrugs and says he ended up with people crying over him. He promises a great show for them and asks them what they think about his face. Silence. He taps his foot as the band begins to play.

A trophy sits on a table. The Weeknd takes it. Finally, it was his. However, he was able to earn after being eulogized. He blows kisses the crowd and thanks them. A third twentysomething woman’s lips quiver as she gives him a concerned look. She whispers to him that he’s better than this. He gives her his hand.

While holding the gun, she yells, “I can’t! I can’t!” He rolls his eyes and tells her to go ahead. She shouts “no!” He says she certainly thought of it while they were together. Her face covered in tears, she looks down. He pats her on the shoulder and tells her she’s been a wonderful participant. Pointing to the gun to his head, he tells them it’s been fun. The second twentysomething woman puts her hand to her mouth. He shoots the gun and says “oops!” The second twentysomething woman walks out of the church. He watches her close the doors and says there’s time for an encore. “Any requests?”

Director: Cliqua Year: 2021

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