Video Review: Parmalee & Blanco Brown “Just The Way”

Against a rose-pink background, Blanco Brown and Matt sit on two boxes. Brown sings with Matt, Scott, Barry and Josh against a royal-lit striped stage with a neon rose in the middle. An 8-year-old girl sits in a wheelchair in a cherry red painted room. She holds a red balloon in her hands.

A fortysomething woman, with short, graying hair smiles as she stands against an citrus orange background. A tattooed twentysomething woman grins against a chili red background. A second twentysomething woman, with vitiligo, pushes back her hair as she stands against a cornflower background. Brown hands the 8-year-old girl a red rose and gives her a hug. A sixtysomething woman throws the red balloon in the air as she stands in the cherry red painted room.

A third twentysomething woman flexes her muscle as she stands against a canary yellow background. Each woman or girl receives a rose. They place their rose in a vase. A second fortysomething woman stands with a 10-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl. Brown dances with the sixtysomething woman. The vase sits on on a table against an eggshell background.

Rating: 3.5/5

The sixtysomething woman touches her hip as she stands up and almost trips. Two teenaged girls giggle at her. She wanted to say them that they would get old someday. The twentysomething customer across from her gives her cane. She says she can’t keep it far away. The twentysomething woman smiles and tells her to have a good day. A thirtysomething man opens the door for her. She thanks him as she walks out of the restaurant and into her car. There were still people with manners and decency in the world.

The fortysomething woman picks up a bottle of blonde hair dye. It’d been decades since she dyed her hair. She touches a strand of gray hair as she looks into the side of the display. Maybe she’ll get it. Her daughter picks up the box and gives her a surprised look. The fortysomething woman says she’d like to try it. Her daughter says her gray hair is beautiful and she wouldn’t change a thing. The fortysomething woman puts the box back on the shelf.

The tattooed twentysomething woman gets the intravenous started for her patient. The fiftysomething patient pulls her arm away and says she wants someone else. The tattooed twentysomething woman nods and asks another nurse to handle her. She brings her machine to the next room and asks her thirtysomething woman patient how she’s doing. The thirtysomething woman says she loves her rose tattoo. The tattooed twentysomething grins and says it’s a tribute for her mother. The thirtysomething woman smiles and calls it lovely. The tattooed twentysomething woman lets her know her vitals and starts the intravenous for her.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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