Video Review: Trina & Lil Wayne “Don’t Trip”

Trina sits in the backseat of a car with a friend as they drive in the city. Lil Wayne parks his car outside the Deux Jumeaux restaurant. He smokes his cigar as he holds his carry-out container. A server talks to a thirtysomething man at a table. Three twentysomething men play a game of cards.

An 8-year-old boy stands by a payphone. A fortysomething man stand by the L’Union Fait La Force mural. Wayne drives with Trina through the neighborhood. A rooster walks across the street. Wayne holds a lollipop and dances by his car. He checks out a twentysomething woman as she walks inside.

The bouncer moves the pink curtain for Trina and her friends. They walk into the club. Trina, wearing a open cut top, shorts and a visor, dances by the wall. She and her friends perform a dance routine by the bar. Trina sits at a booth with Wayne and their friends. She watches as one of her friends walks with Wayne.

Wayne and her friend sit in a private violet booth. She pulls on his chain and he puts it around her neck. He leans in to kiss and she pulls away. Wayne isn’t sure how to respond. Back at the table, Wayne holds his credit card to his lips. One of Wayne’s friends throws money. Her friend holds the stack of money as she walks up to the bar. Trina leans in to kiss Wayne and moves away.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lil Wayne chats with a server as he picks up his carry-out. She asks him about his parents. He tells her they are doing fine and asks if he could get more sauce. She says it’ll be just a minute. He opens the container and bites into the piece of chicken. She gives him two containers and says she hopes to see him again.

He pulls up a chair and joins a card game. The twentysomething man says he folds. Wayne laughs and says he think he may won. The second twentysomething man gives him a high-five and tells him it was an awesome hand. The twentysomething man deals the next round. Wayne gets up from his chair and says he has to go pick up some friends. They wave goodbye.

Trina links arms with Wayne as they walk into the club. She says she one of her friends likes him. Wayne grins and asks her which one. Trina tells him to stop pretending that he doesn’t know. Wayne orders a bottle of champagne for the table. Trina’s friend tells him she likes his chains. Trina tells her to go with Wayne. Wayne gives her the chain and says it looks better on her. She says she can’t accept it. Wayne puts his hands on her thighs. She says it’s not like that and walks away. Wayne pulls Trina aside and says her friend freaked out. Trina rolls her eyes and says she knows how to get to reaction. While at the table, she leans in to kiss Wayne. Her friend’s eyes bulge. Trina smirks and calls her friend a liar. Her friend grabs the money and says she’s going to get some champagne for just her and one of Wayne’s friends. Trina calls out she better share. Her friend turns around and shakes her head “no.”

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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