Video Review: Aaliyah “Journey To the Past”

A 6-year-old girl wipes her face as water from the fire hydrant sprays over her. Two 8-year-old girls run through it. A larger-than-life Aaliyah walks on the street. A bus transforms into an animated horse and carriage, featuring characters from the 1997 film, Anastasia.

Some children run in an forest. Aaliyah watches them as the snow swirls around her. Pooka sniffs the snow and shakes. Anastasia picks up a snowball and throws it as she stands in the forest. Pooka catches it and breaks it with his nose. Aaliyah and Anastasia stand on the mountain top, viewing the castle.

The animated forest disappears into the city. Aaliyah continues to walk down on the street. She stands on the balcony of the building while Anastasia walks to her. Anastasia turns to her as the building changes into a bridge. Anastasia drops a rose into the water. They both try to steady themselves as they walk on a ledge. It transforms into a manhole and Anastasia fades away.

She and the children walk to the gate of the building. They peer through the bars. Aaliyah opens the gate and they walk inside. Animated couples burst through a window and land on the floor. One young woman bows to Aaliyah. The couples dance. Wearing a gown, Anastasia spins by her.

Anastasia views Aaliyah through her binoculars. Fireworks go off by the Eiffel Tower. Aaliyah gets on the streetcar. The children stand by her. Animated townspeople watch the streetcar in Paris, France. Anastasia and Dmitri bow to one another on the ship. They kiss. A larger-than-life Aaliyah, lying on top of a building. watches the ship sail on the ocean.

Aaliyah and the children stand on a cloud, The castle shines within view.

Rating: 4/5

Aaliyah puts the history book on the shelf. The Great Duchess Anastasia had shaken her. Anastasia had to live through it. Someone in her family had to survive to it. She had been so young and close to her own age. Aaliyah writes in her notebook she believes Anastasia hide somewhere and got out. It was doubtful but she wanted to believe it.

Walking down the street, Anastasia appears before her. Aaliyah asks her as they stand on the bridge if she was ever in love. Anastasia responds there was Dmitri. Ever since she was a kid. But she knew she couldn’t ever see him again. He held her hand and told her it was going to be all right. Aaliyah reaches to touch her arm and she disappears.

Anastasia points to the Eiffel Tower and says she thought she wouldn’t ever see it again. Dmitri tells her they are going to the United States next. No one will know who will them there. Anastasia says it’s all right, just as he promised. They don’t have to hide or keep secrets anymore. Aaliyah views the history through Anastasia’s eyes and realizes a grandchild or relative was out there who may know more.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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