Video Review: Morgan Wallen “More Than My Hometown”

A chalkboard sign in the yard reads “Good luck in the city!” Morgan Wallen walks up to a twentysomething woman and her dad. His dad tells him, “be proud of your sister for five minutes.” The twentysomething woman smiles at Wallen. Her dad pats the twentysomething woman’s shoulder and walks away. Several people, holding plastic cups, talk in the backyard.

Leaning against the barn, the twentysomething man tells his dad, “she’ll be all right, you think.” His dad answers, “she’s my daughter.” Wallen sits in the garage and plays guitar.

The twentysomething man sits with the twentysomething woman in the barn. Her lips quiver as they stare at one another. The twentysomething man talks to her as she sits the driveway.  Wallen taps the hood. She drives off. The twentysomething man walks into the convenience store and opens the freezer door. He thinks of how she kissed him in the same aisle. Taking out a six-pack of beer, he closes the door and walks up the cashier.

Wallen hands the twentysomething man a beer in the garage. They clink glasses and talk. The twentysomething man thinks of the twentysomething woman lying on the hood of the car when they hung out in the garage. Wallen stands in front of his house.

The twentysomething man tries to start the car. He hands Wallen’s dad the car keys. Wallen’s dad drives away and the twentysomething man nods. The twentysomething man walks out of church and gets on his motorcycle. In the garage, he pulls down the door as a car parks.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man makes a left turn. The city was about 3 hours. He had enough for gas. The sun would be setting about that time. However, he makes a U-turn. It was the twentysomething woman’s decision. He had to respect it. Morgan Wallen, her brother, had told him he was concerned about her. However, she knows they’ll be down there within hours if she needed them.

The twentysomething woman had been talking about leaving town for a few years. She had said the farthest she had ever been was to Nashville. It was their family vacations. The twentysomething man says he was so scared of riding the roller coasters at Dollywood. She says she doesn’t fit in the small town anywhere. Everyone’s stuck in the 1950s. At least in the city, she can fight back against it. He tells her things are changing and it won’t be like it was a few years ago. She brushes some hair from his eyes and says it’s not going away.

Her dad asks him how he’s doing. He stares at the floor and says he just talked to her. She sounded overwhelmed. Her dad says he heard it in her voice, too. The twentysomething man says he’s thinking of seeing her. Her dad tells him he’s a good man and he’ll be always be a part of their family. He says he’s going to talk it over with her, though. Her dad tells him he and Wallen will drive him to the city once he decides.

Director: Justin Clough Year: 2020

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