Video Review: Keedy “Wishing On The Same Star”

Keedy, wearing an ivory dress, appears and fades away on a circular platform on the of the steps.  Two globes and a rug lay on the steps. Lit in royal blue, a chair dangles in air. She sits on a chair and paces by the couch in the hallway.

Wearing a plum dress, she stands by the window and looks at the night sky. She touches the cloth covering a chair. A large clock sits against the wall. In a patterned cardigan, a black top and black leggings, she lies on her bed. Lit in royal blue, she touches her body as she stands by the window. Back in color, she sits on the end of the bed.

Rating: 3/5

Keedy puts on her earrings in the bedroom and looks out the window. A few states away, her boyfriend was likely in traffic on his way home from work. Uncovering the chair, she sits down and puts on her high heels. He had his review today. She hoped it went well. Usually, he got really stressed out. She’d call him. However, her phone wasn’t connected yet. They wouldn’t be out until tomorrow.

Keedy talks with several donors at the fundraiser. She puts her glass of water down on the table and excuses herself. She walks out of the banquet hall and finds a payphone. Scrounging in her purse, she finds a quarter and inserts into the payphone. Her boyfriend answers and she asks him about his day. He tells her his review went really well. Keedy sighs with relief and says she just had to know. He tells her they’ll talk tomorrow.

Keedy reads a magazine as the young woman from the telephone company tests the line. The young woman says the line may be out for another hour. There’s a problem with wiring. She turns the page and tells her it’s all right. Outside, a dog was barking. Some children were playing baseball. She leans against the window and glances at the time. It was only two month and her boyfriend would be standing with her again.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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