Video Review: Lil Durk & King Von “Still Trappin”

Lil Durk closes the door of his truck at night. He walks into the electric blue and pink lit bar. A basketball game plays on the television mounted on the wall. Durk smiles at his friend as they sit on the couch. A pile of money sits on the floor. Durk stands and alternates between two cigarettes.

Money falls from the ceiling as several young women shake their butts. He and his friend toss money at the young women’s’ butts. Durk puts his arm around his friend. One of the young woman pours liquor down another young woman’s throat. Money continues to fall from the ceiling.

Rating: 0/5

Lil Durk kicks the money aside. None of it meant anything. His best friend, King Von wasn’t here. One of the young woman asks if she can keep money. Durk shrugs and says she earned it. She puts a sweatshirt over her bikini top and places the money in her purse. Durk walks behind the bar and pours himself another drink.

Durk staggers to the couch. His friend slurs it was a great night. They should do it again and passes out. A second young woman stuffs the money in the purse. A third young woman says they might come after them for it. They could get in trouble for stealing. The young woman says it’s okay and gestures to Durk. Durk gestures  “come over” with his hand. She walks up to him. Durk says she’s the nicest person he’s met in the while. She didn’t try to take advantage of the situation. The young woman says she’s sorry about his loss.

A sound of cheering basketball players wakes Durk up. He sticks his finger in one of the burns in the couch and gets up. His friend exclaims “ow!” as his a piece of broken glass slices his finger. His friend runs to the bathroom. Durk tells him to be strong and it’ll be okay. His second friend wraps some paper towel around the first friend’s hand. Durk sits in the corner and watches the basketball players from a decade ago celebrate a championship.

Director: CrownsofHeavy Year: 2021

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