Video Review: Beyoncé, Bun B & Slim Thug “Check On It”

Beyoncé, wearing a bubblegum pink dress, dances between a wall of mauve and bubblegum pink curtains. A rose pink curtain border fills the top and bottom of the screen. Slim Thug raps against a mauve background. Wearing a pink jacket, silver bra top and a black crop pants, she dances with several young women.

Wearing a baby pink crop top and ruffled skirt, she dances against a cherry-red tiled background. Wearing a magenta bodysuit, she dances towards a chair against mauve background. Wearing a soft pink halter dress, she dances with several young women using the chair.

Against a pink dotted background, she wears a long wig and matching bikini. In a cowl-neck sweater, she stands against the mauve background. Bun B exhales smoke against the fiery red background. The top and bottom borders show part of him smoking. Wearing a Pink Panther t-shirt, he continues to rap against the fiery red background. In silhouette, she continues to dance between a wall of mauve and bubblegum pink curtains.

Rating: 2/5

Beyoncé steps back from the mauve wall in her bedroom. She thinks it needs another coat of paint Her best friend puts her hand on her shoulder and tells her it looks done. Beyoncé closes the paint can and says it breaks up the pink throughout the house. Her best friend says it’s a consistent aesthetic. Beyoncé comments there is no such thing as too much pink.

At the store, she chooses several pink sweaters. Holding her bubblegum pink wool coat, she tries on a pair of hot pink high heels. The sales clerk says the heels are available in another color. Beyoncé remarks the pink is just fine. She points her key to her pink convertible and drives back home.

She asks her sister to help her paint the brick of the house pink. Her sister tells her no. It’ll become gaudy. Her second sister snorts as she laughs. She tells them they are unsupportive and it’ll make a statement. Her sister says for her to think about it before actually following through. She says she’ll ask her friends to do it then.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2005

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