Video Review: Justin Bieber “Anyone”

A shirtless Justin Bieber does push-ups in the back of his rusted pick-up truck. He chases a chicken around the backyard and lifts weights. In the kitchen, he breaks an egg and drinks the yolk. He kisses a young woman (Zoey Deutch) on the forehead. She smiles as she moves her head on the pillow. A plate of eggs sit on the nightstand beside her.

Wearing a sleeveless gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants, he jogs around the neighborhood. She takes pictures of him as he shadowboxes on the sand. They dance on the sand and watch the ocean. The golden sunlight streams into the boxing gym as the owner lets Bieber inside. His coach gives him tips as he hits a speedbag. She sits with Bieber on the bench in the locker room.

She follows him in the car as he jogs by the beach. He talks with his coach in the ring. She rubs his shoulders while he drinks some water. He points to his head while he stands in the ring with his opponent. People cheer as he knocks out his opponent. Raising his arms in the air, he looks into the audience. The young woman stands behind him and smiles as he signs a contract in an office. He shakes his manager’s hand. Back in the gym, he hugs the young woman in the ring.

They sit on the couch and watch television. On television, in black-and-white, he weighs in on the scale. Back in color, he flexes his muscles as his weight is checked. His second opponent trash talks to him during the press conference. He and the young woman kiss on the balcony of the stadium. A billboard on a building advertises his fight with his opponent. Wearing a red robe, he walks with the young woman in the stadium.

She sits in the front row and watches as he recoils from the punches from his opponent. His opponent knocks him out. Back on the beach, he falls on the rocks. She shouts for him to get up. He turns his head and spits out water. Back in the ring, he gets up and sits on his side of the ring. He punches his second opponent in the stomach. She exclaims “oh my god!” as his second opponent falls. A photographer takes his picture as he hugs the young woman. He holds up the championship belt. They kiss in the ring.

Rating: 5/5

Justin Bieber rubs his forehead. The young woman hands him some aspirin. Their 5-year-old girl says “look Daddy!” and punches the air. His hand over his eyes, he says, “that’s good, honey.” She says, “but Daddy you’re not watching!” The young woman says he doesn’t feel good and looks at him while she walks into the family room with their child.

Bieber thinks of he and the young woman’s first home they bought about a decade ago. They kept their own chickens for food. Everyday, the young woman prepared chicken for their meals. Between shifts at the factory, he worked out on his pick-up truck and went to the boxing gym. They did the best they could.

Boxing became a profession for him. They were able to move out of their first home and into a two-story colonial. He was able to buy the young woman diamond bracelets and gowns. They attended movie premieres and he appeared on magazine covers. However, the headaches were getting worse. While he trains, he lands on the rock. Blinking, he sees two versions of the young woman. She asks him if he’s okay. He says it was just a fall and he’ll be able to fight tomorrow.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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