Video Review: Playboi Carti & Kid Cudi “M3tamorphosis”

Lit in hazy carmine, Playboi Carti hangs onto the ceiling of the snowplow as he drives it at night. Kid Cudi sits next to him. Carti dances on top of it and Cudi dances in the parking lot. Cari joins him in the parking lot. They continue to drive.

Cudi smokes in the parking lot while Carti continues to dance on top of the snowplow. He takes off his sunglasses. Carti pushes on the ceiling and rattles the snowplow. Carti dances with a twentysomething woman on top of the snowplow. Carti and Cudi continue to dance in the parking lot.

Rating: 1.5/5

Playboi Carti turns his head and tells Kid Cudi to watch the road. Cudi steers and asks him, “who are you avoiding?” Carti says a few people. Cudi shouts “brake!” Carti slams on the brake and the snowplow slides. Cudi clenches his teeth as it reaches the bumper of a car. Carti turns the corner and pulls into the parking lot.

Carti dances on top of the truck and shouts he’s feeling better. Cudi dances to the music playing from the radio. He almost slips as he dances. Carti looks up at the sky and mentions it’s still snowing. They may be out for another hour or two.

Carti stops the snowplow in the middle of the road and says he’ll be right back. He runs up the driveway and knocks on the door of a home. A twentysomething woman opens the door and gives him a hug. Cudi waves to her. Carti helps her walk on the ice and climb on top of the snowplow. Cudi smokes while he watches a car turn to the right.

Director: Nico Ballesteros Year: 2020

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