Video Review: The Go-Go’s “Get Up and Go”

Several animated red balls bounce on a hall. They form into a guitar, red lips, a hockey puck and a vinyl record. Four thin sticks change into Charlotte, Gina, Kathy and Jane.

As a human, Belinda sings while Charlotte, Gina and Jane play their instruments behind her against a violet background. Against a rusty orange background, Belinda continues to sing while Gina drums. Charlotte plays guitar while Belinda dances behind her against an olive background. Belinda waves her fingers as she dances against a charcoal background.

Animated Charlotte, Gina, Jane, Kathy and Belinda move their arms as they stand on the lime-green grass. The human Gina stares at rocket sitting next to her as she drums. Animated Charlotte, Gina, Kathy, Jane and Belinda get inside the rocket. The moon bumps it as it flies by the stars. It nosedives onto another planet. They get out of the rocket and continue to perform. Two one-eyed aliens pop out of the sand and look at one another. Belinda, Jane, Kathy, Jane and Gina dance with the animated versions of themselves.

The animated Jane becomes enveloped into a large V. Three circles cover animated Charlotte’s body. The band members turn into a dragon and a slice of cake. Against the olive green background, the human Belinda, Jane, Charlotte, Kathy and Gina dance.

Rating: 3/5

The animated Jane flies around in the rocket and exclaims, “it’s so much fun!” Charlotte sticks to the wall, her hand on her cheek. Belinda dances in the air. Kathy steers the rocket and says they may be landing somewhere. Gina holds onto a pipe as they get bumped. She asks, “what was that?” Kathy says she sideswiped the moon and it’s not a big deal. Gina notices some part of the wing spiral in the air.

They scream as they nosedive toward the planet. Belinda says she’s steering the rocket on the way home. Kathy presses the controls as she sees the sand. Gina and Jane crash into one another. Charlotte continues to hang onto the wall.

The two one-eyed aliens introduce themselves to the band. Gina asks them where they are. Charlotte says she always knew they existed. Belinda’s eyes widen and tells them they can’t tell anyone. Kathy dances with them. Charlotte studies a map and says it’s an undiscovered planet. Belinda leans over her shoulder and says aren’t even orbiting Earth. Kathy calls out “dinner’s ready!” Jane puts her paintbrush away. The two one-eyed aliens tell her they admire her work and insist they try the plane. Jane glances at Belinda and says “okay.” Belinda says she’s full. The one-eyed alien says it’ll change her life. Kathy tells her it’s really good and it’s just like steak.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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