Video Review: Heavy D & The Boyz & Aaron Hall “Now That We Found Love”

Heavy D walks with his friends, G-Whiz, “Trouble” T and Eddie F on the street at night. A group of twentysomething man talk by a fire burning in a garbage can. A twentysomething woman peers through the blinds of her apartment.

A group of young women, wearing yellow jackets, dance in the street. Several twentysomething men play a game of cards on a table on the sidewalk. Heavy D rolls some dice on the sidewalk. A spotlight catches a twentysomething man and woman making out. Heavy D, wearing a red suit, dances by a graffiti wall. A second young woman dances on the balcony of her apartment building.

The young woman watches Heavy D as he dances in the street. She walks towards him. He holds her hand as they walk. His friends continue to dance in the street. A glass breaks against the graffitied wall. Wearing a lime green outfit, he and his friends point after they finish dancing.

Rating: 3/5

Heavy D places his cards down and says he has to go. G-Whiz tells him his new girlfriend should hang out with them sometime. Heavy D tells his friends they aren’t quite there yet. He’d love to invite her. However, he doesn’t know if she wants a serious relationship. Eddie F smiles and tells him to talk it over with her.

Heavy D moves his spaghetti on the plate. The young woman asks him if he’s okay. He explains they’ve been going out for awhile and he really likes her. She pats his hand and says she really likes him, too. He tells her he’d like to introduce her to his friends. They have a game night and just talk. She says she wants to meet his friends.

His friend deals the young woman several cards. Heavy D explains the rules of their game and suggests a card for her to choose. She puts the card down. One of his friends puts down an ace of spades. The young woman lays down a five of diamonds. His friend says he’s out. Heavy D kisses her on the cheek and says she played a great game. She asks if she can deal. His friend hands her the deck. As she deals, she says she has to teach her friends the game. A second friend says they should have a party. The young woman gives his second friend a high-five and says it should be two weekends from now. His friend says he’ll make some flyers. Heavy D puts his arm around and whispers to her that he loves her.

Director: Drew Carolan Year: 1991

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