Video Review: Raye & Rudimental “Regardless”

Lit in aqua, Raye stands in the water up to her eyes. She rests her arm on the dock. Her two friends, on the left and right of her, move their arms as they stand next to her. They sit on the dock and their arms. Standing on the dock, they continue to dance.

Wearing a black mesh blouse and pants with a black bra, she sits in a boat and runs her hand along the water. She and her friends drink at the restaurant. As she tosses her drinks, her friends hold onto her arm. They dance in their seats. One of her friend slaps her butt. Raye waves to the servers as they leave the restaurant. They dance on the sidewalk at night.

Back in the afternoon, she stands up on the boat. She lies on a ball and looks at the ocean while on the boat.

Rating: 3.5/5

Raye videos her friends dancing to the latest TikTok challenge and post it online. Her friend laughs at the comments. Raye waves during one of her friend’s livestreams and blows a kiss. Her second friend sighs and she can’t work anymore at all today. Raye checks the time and says she has to leave for her date. Her friends wish her luck.

While on the boat, she and the twentysomething man share stories about their teachers at their prep school. The twentysomething man’s jaw drops as she tells him she stole the principal’s treasured Harvard memorabilia in his office. She says she was so much in trouble and almost didn’t graduate. The twentysomething man said he heard about it and even his dad said, “they won’t ever make it at my business. They are not the nation’s future leaders.” Raye guffaws and says she scraped by.

One of Raye’s friends buys her a drink at the restaurant. Raye slurs the twentysomething man was nice but far too concerned about pedigree. Raye throws her drinks from side to side, splashing her friends, saying she came from a good family and that it should be enough. Her friends show her their videos and say other people care about them and it’s his loss. Raye pouts and says she has to see him at brunch tomorrow. Shaking her head, she says she knows her dad is going to say something to her. Her friend slips her a flask and says it’ll help her get through brunch. Raye puts it in her purse.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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