Video Review: Loski & Stormzy “Flavour”

At night, Loski stands by a car at the factory and texts his Stormzy, “hey, you around?” Stormzy texts back, “be there in 10.” He tells Stormzy to get inside. Stormzy  and Loski drive around the neighborhood. Loski carries a bag as they walk down the hallway of an apartment building. The sixtysomething woman says hello to them and shifts in her seat. She listens as they talk to her.

Lit in ocean blue, they walk up the stairs. The thirtysomething woman rolls her eyes as they sit on the couch and talk. She opens the bag. Stormzy hands the the sixtysomething woman a pint of ice cream. Loski rubs his hands together as he walks through the clear curtain. Stormzy and Loski sit in the office and take down notes. Stormzy points at cities on the map. Loski grabs another bag.

They sit at the kitchen table and talk with a group of twentysomething women. They nod as they listen. Back at the factory, several twentysomething woman make the ice cream. Stormzy and Loski hold clipboards and take inventory. A pint of ice cream falls from the conveyor belt. A second twentysomething woman sits in the corner with them and ruffles through the bag in the office. She takes a spoon and eats some ice cream. Giving them a nod of approval, she continues to eat and leaves.

All the women eat the ice cream in their homes. Lights flash from the police car as Loski parks. Loski gives the police officers a pint of ice cream. The police officers eat the ice cream in their cars. Loski and Stormzy continue to drive.

Rating: 5/5

Loski reads over the notes from the sixtysomething woman. He says she said the flavor was nostalgic. It tasted like the custard she had a child. Stormzy says they should some pints the senior assisted living centers. Loski jots down some flavor ideas. Stormzy says the twentysomething women seemed bored by the classic flavors and liked the unsual ones. Loski says he thinks there’s a small market. He marks down several college campuses and says they can make a stop there.

The manager of the cafeteria from the college campus says their vendor supplies with the flavors immediately. They are trusted company and asks what they can offer. Loski says they offer unique flavors that will the students post about on social media. Students will try out of curiosity. The manager says he’ll have to talk it over with his boss and be in contact with him during the day.

Their manager mentions she has noticed demand on the website for the peanut butter and chocolate flavor. She says they have to push it wherever they go. Loski says they should be a different twist. They could add chocolate syrup to it or chocolate chips. She writes it down and says he has a point. Grabbing a pint of ice cream, she says they are doing well and investors want to meet with them. Loski and Stormzy cheer. She says she’ll prepare them and deal with the numbers. They say they’ll talk to her next week. Loski says to Stormzy that they are going to be billionaires. Stormzy fists pumps Loski.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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