Video Review: P!nk “You Make Me Sick”

Animated cars swerve to avoid Pink’s vehicle on the road. As Pink hits another car, a message over the road reads: “War of Roses.” While her overturned car turns in the street, she argues with the twentysomething man and wiggles her way out. The owner of the fruit market shakes his head at the produce all over the street.

Pink dances by a graffitied wall.  Petals cover up Pink’s private parts as she lies on roses. A note on the screen reads: “Friday. Two Days Earlier.” She and the twentysomething throw vases at one another in their apartment. He blocks an stuffed animal from hitting him as he hides by the sofa. Pink holds a stuffed animal and sits by a glass wall in the corner. Back in the family room, he heaves an oversized stuffed animal at her. She gets a vase and drops it on the floor. He throws a piece of flaming wood on the chandelier. She burns her finger as she cleans it up. He kisses her finger and then her.

A note on the screen reads: “Saturday.” Pink and the twentysomething man hold hands as they walk in the mall. An elf takes a child to see Santa. Pink sits on Santa’s lap. She points to the mistletoe and the twentysomething man kisses her. He bites her and she pushes him away. She carries a large candy cane as hits him on the side on the path of snow. He knocks over the Christmas tree, which lands on Santa. A few children toss presents at them while Pink and the twentysomething man fight.

A note on the screen reads: “Sunday.” Two police officers arrest Pink and the twentysomething man. They kiss in the backseat. The police office hits the partition and tells them to “quit it!” Pink tells him to “shut up!” and continues to kiss the twentysomething man.

Rating: 1/5

Pink sighs as the judge sentences her to community service and anger management. He revokes her license. The judge tells her she has her entire life ahead of her and there’s time to make the right choices. He bangs the gavel. She sits down and listens as the judge tells the twentysomething man the mall decided not to press charges. He wasn’t the instigator. However, he tells them to really think about his future and says the court is adjourned.

The twentysomething man winces as he steps on a piece of glass. Pink kisses him and says she has to go to anger management class. He tells her to be nice. She smirks at him and walks out of their apartment. Her best friend says it’s unfair she has to go classes and can’t drive. They have a volatile relationship. She says they are getting kicked out of the apartment. Some neighbors complained to the landlord. Apparently, they’ve been a constant problem.

Pink exhales as she smokes in the backyard. Her best friend hands her a liquor bottle. She chugs it and wipes her mouth. Her best friend says she wasn’t supposed to drink it all. She taps her cigarette and says the twentysomething man is coming over. Her best friend gasps and shouts for the twentysomething man to go home. The second twentysomething man says he’s too tired to walk home. Pink curses and says the twentysomething man is going to break up with her. Her best friend says everyone cheats and he’ll forgive her. Pink taps her cigarette and says, “not this time.”

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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