Video Review: Thomas Rhett “What’s Your Country Song”

Sometime in October, Thomas Rhett walks in the cornfield. A tan wall sits on the ground as he plays the guitar. A radio falls over on a blanket in the backyard. A 10-year-old girl chases the dog. A thirtysomething woman holds up a jar. The 7-year-old girl sits next to her and looks into it as they lie on the blanket.

A 17-year-old young woman reads a book as she sits in the backseat of a car. A seventysomething man turns on the radio on top of his tractor. He stands with his seventysomething woman on their front yard and kisses her. The cheerleaders perform a routine during the football game. The football team runs onto the field. A frog slips out of a 8-year-old’s hand and he catches it. A twentysomething man spray paints Billy Bob (hearts) Charlene on a wall. A 16-year-old young woman drives around her friends.

A second thirtysomething woman fishes. Her dog walks on the dock. Rhett sits in a chair in his home and holds a football. An 18-year-old young woman crowns a second 17-year-old girl on the football field. A second 16-year-old sits in the cornfield. A fiftysomething man crosses his arms as a fortysomething man looks at his stalled engine. A semi-truck passes by them.

A second fiftysomething carries a bag of food and feeds his cows. A third thirtysomething woman kisses a second 8-year-old boy. A thirtysomething man smiles as he looks on. A bonfire burns. The thirtysomething man and woman dance while their kids watch.

Rating: 5/5

The 17-year-old young woman cheers for the football team during a prep rally. Her best friend whispers that the quarterback is so cute. The 17-year-old girl say she heard he broke up with his cheerleader girlfriend. Her best friend says she’s going to talk to him after the game.

The seventysomething man hands the 17-year-old young woman a book. She says she’s been meaning to read it. The seventysomething man tells her they’ll discuss it once she’s done. She gives him one of her contemporary novels. He tilts his head as he looks at the cover. She promises him it’s a really fun. The seventysomething man was like a grandfather to her. His children had gone to school with her parents. The seventysomething man’s wife was having a hard time walking. Over the past year, the seventysomething man had been going to the grocery store by himself. Sometimes, her parents invited them over for dinner.

The 17-year-old young woman points to the wall and says Billy Bob finally asked Charlene out. One of her friends says Billy Bob has been trying for years to get Charlotte to talk to him. Her best friend says she thought Charlotte went away to school. The 17-year-old young woman says Charlotte came back to help out at home. Her best friend says they should stop by her house. The 17-year-old young woman says she’s seen Charlotte around and she may not want to talk. She’s been working and hanging out with Billy Bob. Her best friend turns towards school and says then they can see Billy Bob, too. As the 17-year-old young woman walks with her friends to the bleachers, one of the football players waves to her. The 17-year-old young woman smiles at him.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2020

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