Video Review: Xscape “Understanding”

In black-and-white, Tiny, Kandi, Tamika and LaTocha talk as they walk on the street in their neighborhood. LaTocha leans against the wall and heaves an irritated sigh. A twentysomething woman argues with a twentysomething man as they talk by a cracked well. LaTocha sits on the stoop.

A young woman dances by the wall. The twentysomething man hits the wall with his hand. Kandi, Tamika, Tiny and LaTocha sit on chairs on in the family room. The twentysomething woman holds a baby in her arms as she stands by the wall. A second twentysomething man argues with Tiny as she sits on the stoop. Tiny turns her head away. Kandi argues with a fortysomething woman. LaTocha, Kandi, Tiny and Tameka sing at the microphones.

The fortysomething woman holds Kandi as she cries. The twentysomething man and woman embrace. The second twentysomething man runs down the street. Tiny holds the fortysomething woman’s hand.

Rating: 4/5

LaTocha puts a quarter in the payphone and calls her friend. Her friend says she’s so sorry for not telling her. LaTocha tells her she broke plans with Kandi. Her friend apologizes again. LaTocha hangs up the phone and walks back home. It was the fourth time her friend cancelled plans. LaTocha could take the hint. Her friend didn’t want to hang out with her anymore. However, she was hoping her friend would talk to her about it.

Tiny gets up from the stoop and tells the second twentysomething man she doesn’t want to hear anymore. He says she just doesn’t care. She tells him he only hears what he wants to. He isn’t done talking yet. She asks him to go home and not come back again. Tiny walks back inside her house and sits down. He didn’t get it and he never will. She had to accept it.

Kandi throws up her hands. She tells the fortysomething woman she’s going to live with her boyfriend. The fortysomething woman says she doesn’t want her to get hurt. Kandi tells her she won’t. The fortysomething woman asks her if she can really trust her boyfriend. Kandi says she didn’t trust half the men the fortysomething woman dated. The fortysomething man says it’s different. She doesn’t want her daughter to end up like her. The fortysomething woman gets some tissues for her and tells her she wants her to be happy, that’s all. Kandi wipes her eyes and says she knows she cares. She just wants her to love her boyfriend as much as she does.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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