Video Review: Paul Young “Come Back and Stay”

As he sits in his chair by the kitchen, he says in a voiceover: “Things were getting really crazy. I couldn’t go on. But I knew if I couldn’t pull myself together soon, I’ll fall apart.” Standing up, he puts on his jacket and walks down the stairs of the apartment building. He continues, in the voiceover: “The girl was gone. I told myself I didn’t know the reason. But I did. I just had to talk to her.”

He climbs over ledges and walls in the neighborhood. While he walking on the fire escape, he takes a breather and closes his eyes. A twentysomething woman files her nails as they talk in the hotel room. He sits with his dad and the twentysomething at the patio table.

Young claps in his garage as he sings into the microphone. Two young women sing into microphones next to him. Back at hotel, they watch as her dad does a backflip. Lit in royal blue, he walks on the rooftop at night and closes his eyes. He walks with a second twentysomething woman in her home. He pours water on a third twentysomething’s dress. The twentysomething woman sits on a bench and watches him walk with the second twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman talks to the second twentysomething woman. Her dad lectures him on the stairs. He pushes his dad and he falls. The twentysomething woman slaps him in the kitchen.

The twentysomething woman, wearing a pink leotard, works out in the family room. At night, he stares her bedroom window. She sees him walk in with two twentysomething women and is heartbroken. He climbs through the window and looks around her room. Standing, he flips through an issue of Rolling Stone and stares out her window.

Back at his apartment, he drinks a glass of water and sees the twentysomething woman. They hug. He stands in the corner, hugging himself.

Rating: 3.5/5

Paul Young coughs and feels his heart beating in his chest. It was only more mile. He legs sore, he continues to walk. The twentysomething woman’s house was the third one from the left. The light was still on in her window. He reaches for the limb of the tree and climbs on it.

Leaping onto the roof, he jiggles the window. It didn’t take him as long as he thought it would. She must’ve have had it fixed. He opens the window and looks inside. She had repainted. A picture frame of her and her new boyfriend sat by her nightstand. Some flowers were in a vase. A “Get Well” balloon had fallen to the floor. She had been sick. He glances at her desk for some medical bills or explanation of benefits. Picking up the bill, he sees something for the emergency room and an inpatient visit for several days.

He stands on the ledge as her bedroom door opens. Her dad tells her to get some rest. She says she’s feeling much better. She turns towards the window and says she remembers closing it. Leaning against the windowsill, she sees a a foot. The bushes rustle as she looks in on the front yard. She watches a shadowy Paul Young walk on the lawn. The light shines on him and he looks at her. She smiles at him and watches as he stands on her lawn for about a minute.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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