Video Review: Snap! “Rhythm Is a Dancer”

A stenciled globe turns while sepia coated smoke floats. The globe turns into the moon. A rocket stands at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Merrit Island, Florida. Several people, dressed in bodysuits, dance within a platform.

Thea sings on a raised platform. Some people, also in bodysuits, carry large planets over their heads on a raised platform. A white silhouette of a young man turns within a stenciled spiral. Two young men, in emerald silhouette, dance, within flower-shaped spiral. The white silhouette of a young man runs through maps. Lit in white, several people in royal blue, hold up their arms. Lit in royal blue, Turbo T raps by the maps. Thea continues to sing on the raised platform.

Rating: 4/5

Thea takes a picture of the rocket as she stands in the Rocket Garden of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Her 10-year-old niece runs over to one of the rockets towards the end. She tells her to wait for her and runs to catch up with her. Her niece asks if the astronauts ever met aliens. Thea says she doesn’t know.

Her niece steers the joystick on the simulator. Thea says she’s flying by another planet. Her niece brakes fast and lands on the planet. Thea says she’s on Mars. Her niece explores the rock and reads the descriptions out loud. Thea checks her watch and says they have more to see.

Thea puts a NASA sweatshirt on her chest. Her niece carries a box to her and says she’d like to the Space Shuttle adventure set. Thea checks the price and says she’ll buy it for her. Her niece says she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. Thea tells her she’s going to have study lots of math and science. Her niece says she can handle it.

Director: Howard Greenhalgh Year: 1992

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