Video Review: The Kid Laroi “Without You”

The Kid Laroi walks on the snow covered mountain. In the evening, he sits by a tree. He stares at the ceiling, his arm around a 16-year-old young woman in bed. Back in the yard, he sits on the snowmobile.

The 16-year-old young woman dries her hair as she stands in the bathroom. She glances at the hallway to see he’s there. A second 16-year-old girl presses a button on Laroi’s car and smiles at him. He stands by a bonfire in the forest. He and the second 16-year-old young woman walk to the door. The 16-year-old young woman holds a glass of champagne and smiles as the door opens during the party. Streamers hang from the ceiling. Two 16-year-old young men call out “surprise!” Her smile fades. Carrying the cake, she smashes it in his face. The second 16-year-old young woman watches and lets out an exasperated gasp.

The fire runs up the tree as he continues to stand by it.

Rating: 3/5

The Kid Laroi takes his books out of second 16-year-old young woman’s locker in between classes. She reaches for his notebook and tells him not to forget his notes. He kisses her and says she’s thoughtful. She glares and he turns to see if it’s the 16-year-old woman, his ex-girlfriend. He says his ex is as delusional as ever. The bell rings and she kisses him.

The second 16-year-old young woman takes notes in class. Her phone vibrates. She checks it and it’s a text from the 16-year-old young woman. It reads: “he’s so good in bed.” The second 16-year-old young woman turns beet red and turns off her phone.

The 16-year-old young woman bumps into her as they run on the track. The second 16-year-old young woman says she was his first everything and asks about his mom. The second 16-year-old young woman says she’s fine and rushes ahead of her. The Kid Laroi waves to her. The 16-year-old young woman pushes the second one to the ground. The Kid Laroi runs over to the second 16-year-old young woman if she’s okay. The second 16-year-old young woman says her cheek hurts. He touches her cheek and sees it’s bleeding. One of their classmates hands him her broken glasses. The 16-year-old young woman stands by them, her arms crossed, smirking.

Director: Steve Cannon Year: 2020

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