Video Review: Mike + Mechanics “All I Need Is A Miracle”

Mike, Paul Carrack, Adrian, Paul Young and Peter play inside the restaurant. A fiftysomething man (Roy Kinnear) counts his money as he walks on the sidewalk. A twentysomething man on a bicycle takes it out of his hand. The fiftysomething man chases after him. He knocks over a second twentysomething man walking by a store. A second twentysomething man glances out the window and sees the fiftysomething man hanging on the railing, trying to catch his breath.

He stops at the bike rack and realizes the twentysomething man might be there. Walking down the stairs, he enters the basement. The twentysomething men and several others slap money on the table. The fiftysomething man walks up the twentysomething man and tries to get his money. The twentysomething man wrings the money out of the fiftysomething man’s hand and puts it on the table.

The fiftysomething man shakes the dice and wins the money. The group of men glare at him. Two of the men throw him out of the building and place him in a chair. A dog cuddles up to him and he pets it. A second fiftysomething man picks up the dog and gives it kisses. He hands the fiftysomething man some money. The second fiftysomething man drives off. The fiftysomething looks up and smiles.

Rating: 3/5

The fiftysomething man puts his hand on his chest. He had to keep going. The money was for rent and food. If he couldn’t get it back, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He had gotten a good look at the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man was riding a bike and he had to be close by.

He thinks of calling the police. They might be able to help him recover the money. The group of twentysomething men may want revenge. They could follow him back home. He says a prayer for his family and looks in both directions. A dog licks his face. The fiftysomething man tells the dog he’s a good boy. A second fiftysomething man exclaims, “there you are!” and picks up the dog. The second fiftysomething man says he can’t thank him enough. The dog had jumped out of the car and was running around. It was the first time he stopped. He gives him a handful of money.

The fiftysomething man stuffs the money in his wallet and hails a taxi. Usually, he’d take the subway home. However, he wasn’t going to chance it. He sits in the backseat and tells the driver the main street. The taxi driver warns him it’ll be at least $100. The fiftysomething man tells him it’s okay. He looks out the window as the taxi driver runs through several yellow lights. The dog had saved him. Tapping his pocket, he thinks of getting a puppy for his wife and daughter. They’d been asking for awhile.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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