Video Review: Olivia Rodrigo “Drivers License”

Olivia Rodrigo drives on the main street at night. During the day, she walks in the street in her neighborhood. In hte family room of her home, she plays her keyboard. While at the park, she rests her head on a young man’s arm. She walks away from him. She lies on the couch.

In silhouette, she walks on the kitchen table and paces as the young man sits. At night, she stands in the parking lot of a car dealership. A video of her laughing plays on a young woman’s back. In silhouette, she sits at the kitchen table by herself. Against a cherry red background, the lyrics run across the wall as she sits on the floor.

Lit in violet, she stands by the street light at night. She lies on the back of the car and closes her eyes. The headlights shining on her, she continues to walk down the road. Lit in violet, she continues to stand by the street light.

Rating: 3.5/5

Olivia Rodrigo sits in the family room, watching television. Her mother asks if she could go the drugstore and pick up her prescription. Rodrigo shrugs and says she doesn’t feel like it. Her mom tells her she’s down to one pill. Rodrigo sighs and says she’ll go now. Her mom gives her the keys and says she doesn’t have to come back right away.  Rodrigo scoffs and grabs her purse.

The right turn signal beeps in the car as she waits at the intersection. Across the street, she sees a 16-year-old young man, her ex-boyfriend, walking with his new girlfriend, a blonde haired junior. She presses the gas and a car honks at her. Her ex-boyfriend and the blonde haired junior look in her direction. She avoids their gaze as she turns.

The pharmacist asks her about her mom. Rodrigo slides the credit card into the machine and says she’s feeling better. She takes the bag and walks to her car. While sitting in the parking lot, she sniffles and finds a tissue in her purse. He had been in love with the blonde haired young woman the entire time together. She had tried to tell herself he was with her. However, he had chosen the blonde haired young woman to be in a group project with him in one of their classes. He had said they spent so much time together and it didn’t matter. But it did. Everything mattered. She blows her nose and pulls out of the parking lot.

Director: Matthew Dillon Cohen Year: 2021

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