Video Review: Tommy Page “I’ll Be Your Everything”

A twentysomething woman (Robyn Leigh Hadem) performs a ballet routine on stage. Tommy Page moves the curtain and watches her backstage. He sings at the piano while his band performs on stage. She sits beside him as he plays. A twentysomething man holds her leg as they perform a routine.

She turns away from the twentysomething man. He puts her hand on her cheek. Hand over her eye, she smiles at Page as she locks the door. Lit in lavender, she ties her pointe shoes as she sits with Page at the piano. The twentysomething man, his arm over his head, watches them. Page talks with his friends in the car as they drive. He calls for the twentysomething to join them. She climbs into the car and sits beside him. Page and the twentysomething woman cuddle by the fountain.

The curtain rises as she raises her arms. Page kisses her as they stand on the balcony at night. Carrying a bouquet of roses, she bows as the curtain lowers. Page sings into the microphone on stage.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman warms up in the dance studio. Her best friend tells her she didn’t see her come last night. The twentysomething woman says she was with Tommy Page. Her best friend remarks it must getting serious. The twentysomething says it is.

The twentysomething man carries her during the routine in class. He asks her where she was last night. She says she was with a friend. He says he saw her friends at the apartment and she wasn’t there. She says it was a new friend. His hand slips and she falls on the floor. She rubs her ankle and winces. The instructor says for her to see the nurse.

The nurse tells her it’s not career-ending and gives her an ice pack. The twentysomething woman heaves a sigh of relief. She limps to the phone and asks Page to pick her up. Page asks her how she hurt her leg. She says it was during her practice and her partner didn’t catch her. Page’s eyes narrow and he calls out the twentysomething man’s name. The twentysomething man puts his hand on his hips and says it was an accident. Page punches him and says it was far from it. The twentysomething woman pulls Page away from him and says they should go. As they walk out, Page says she should report to him. It clearly wasn’t an accident. She says he’s one of the stars and nothing will happen to him.

Director: N/A Year: 1990


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