Video Review: Zayn “Vibez”

Zayn sits on a bed on the rose pink-lit stage of the St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York. He checks his watch and turns on the television. Getting up from the bed, he walks to another door to the garage. He drives the car through the city.

Wearing a coat, he walks in the aqua-lit forest as a light snow falls. He stands in a boat and rows. The tip of a larger boat bumps him and he examines it. He anchors on an ice platform with a couch. As he sits on the couch, it changes to the family room of his home. He sits in the audience. his hand underneath his chin.

Rating: 2/5

In the final act of the play, Zayn says he doesn’t know where he is going. However, he knows it’s home. Home is where he knows he’s loved. He doesn’t have to go anywhere else. The audience of thirtysomething and twentysomething applaud. Some dab their eyes with tissue.

Zayn searches online for the reviews. Self-indulgent, lazy, inert. Zayn rubs his face as he reads the scathing articles. He receives an email the play will be closing in a few days. On the last day of the play, he bites his lip as he says the final lines. Although it hurt to read the reviews, home was where he really wanted to be.

Back at home, Zayn lights up a cigarette as he sits on the porch. His baby giggles in the family room as his girlfriend feeds it. He flicks the ashes and stares at the stars. His girlfriend sits on the chair by him. He asks to hold the baby. She hands the baby to him. The baby locks his hand into his. Zayn and his girlfriend smile at one another.

Director: Ben Mor Year: 2021

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