Video Review: Lana Del Rey “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”

Circa 1950, Lana Del Rey stands with her hands on her hips by her car. She puts her white laced-gloved hands on the steering wheel. As she drives away from her mansion, she turns the dial on the radio.

At her vanity, she opens her tube of lipstick. Her pearl-encrusted bottles of perfume sit on a golden tray. She puts a pearl choker around her neck and wears a sequined, clear face mask. Her sister walks with her to the fruit market. A 10-year-old boy runs by the pool. She splashes her hand in the water. The fan blows on her hair as she paints in the patio room. The 10-year-old boy jumps into the pool. She and her friends toss the beach ball around on the grass. The 10-year-old holds his ice cream cone and stares at the trails of smoke in the sky from the airplanes.

She and her friends talk at the restaurant at the country club. One of the employees takes the duck out of its stall. She pets it. Back in the patio room, she runs a glass of water over her face. A dove sits on the perch in a white painted cage. She grips the bars and looks inside. Her 12-year-old niece smiles as she sits with her on the couch.

Kneeling on the grass, her 12-year-old niece holds a bag with a goldfish in it. She and her 12-year-old niece watch the goldfish in the bag while standing in the dark in the family room. A twentysomething man plays croquet. She bites into a lemon at the fruit market.

Over her shoulder, she watches a gray swirl of wind behind her as she drives. Lit in cherry red, she and her friends walk to the forest. Their glowing eyes zero in on the path. Her friends lie on the ground and bend their bodies. They stare at her car, which is on fire. They walk up to the white wolf. In black-and-white, they howl at the moon. She sits by the wolf. The car spins in the sky. She breaks through a glass window in her home.

Lit in electric blue, she stands in the shower and cleans the blood off her body with a towel. A dead bird lies by the drain. Back in color, she crawls on the floor and lies in bed with a second twentysomething man. Her friends fall into bed and stare at one another, their eyes glowing. Del Rey falls asleep in her bed.

Rating: 5/5

Lana Del Rey cuts her finger. Placing the sliced lemon to the side, she watches the blood drop onto the floor. Her sister exclaims, “no!” and puts Del Rey’s hand under the water. Del Rey says she’ll get a Band-Aid. In the bathroom, she presses her finger and watches the blood fill within the crease of her finger. The family dog barks at her from the other side of the door. Del Rey growls and the dog whimpers.

Del Rey sniffs the air. Twirling her hair, she comments she smells meat. Her mother says it’s likely the neighbors next door. Their cook is probably grilling on the barbecue. Del Rey stares outside and says she has to go. Her sister closes the screen door as the dog continues to bark at her. Her mom pets the dog, telling it, “it’s just Lana. No need to be upset.”

Her friends crawl on the forest floor. A white wolf guards them. She sits on the ground. The white wolf approaches her and places its paw on her hand. Del Rey bares her teeth as a twentysomething man walks by. He jumps back. She looks up at him, her eyes glowing, entrancing him. Her friends lick their lips. Del Rey lunges.

Director: BRTHR Year: 2021

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