Video Review: Saweetie & Doja Cat “Best Friend”

King Bach walks up to the patio and says, “I can’t believe these disrespectful men out here, just staring at y’all bodies.” Saweetie, wearing custom canary yellow L.O.C.A. Icy bikini, fans herself as she lies on the lounge chair. Doja Cat, wearing a Ludovic de Saint Semin halter top and Disco Daddy x Minimale Animale g-string, lies on the striped lounge chair next to her. King Bach, touching his nipples, continues, “Objectifying y’all. Listen, I’m Jamal. I just want to let you know that. You two. you’re not just sexual beings.”

Cat turns to Saweetie and says, “Great. Another fake “woke” misogynist.” Saweetie responds, “Does he really think he’s an ally to the feminist cause?” Cat retorts, “Bitch please, that kind of crass virtue signaling is nothing but a less overtly form of toxic masculinity.” Bach says, “Ladies, hey, I see what y’all doing. Cut it out. It ain’t nice.” Cat touches her chest and tells him, “you don’t want us, we freaks.” Bach puts his hands on his hat, saying, “Oh, y’all should’ve said something earlier. I like me some freaks.” Saweetie points to him, saying, “she’s trying to tan. You in her way.” Cat motions for him to move. Cat tells him, “bye baby.”

Saweetie, wearing an L.O.C.A. tweed outfit, bends forward in the closet. Cat, wearing a Laroxx tweed outfit, searches the shelves for a purse. Cat drives Sweetie in her crystal-encrusted Tesla car. Saweetie, wearing Laurel DeWitt outfit, stands by the car at night Cat, wearing Laroxx denim outfit, stands next to her.

Glitter falls in the royal blue lit strip club. Saweetie, wearing a Bryan Hearns outfit, throws some money at a dancing twentysomething woman. Cat, wearing a Laroxx mesh suit, throws some of her money also. As 10-year-olds, they hug one another in photos.

Wearing custom Dapper Dan x Gucci, Saweetie and Cat walk in the hotel lobby. Two twentysomething men approach them. They both brush the men off. While in their room, they dance. Saweetie, wearing Rosamario, and Cat play a hand game as they sit on the floor. Saweetie grabs Cat’s breasts as they take photos on the phone. She dances on the hood of the truck as Cat continues to drive.

Saweetie blows a bubble as she chews bubblegum. Cat, wearing a Laroxx hoodie and Natasha Zinko jeans, dances by the wall. She exhales smoke as Saweetie dances. Cat licks the diamond-encrusted car. Wearing Angel Brinks sweatshirts and pants, they talk. Naked, they jump off a cliff and into the water.

Rating: 4/5

Saweetie swims over to the rock. She calls out for Doja Cat a couple times. She dives in the water and looks for her. Holding onto Cat, she takes her to the surface. Cat gasps and whips her her head back. Saweetie swims back to the shore and gives her a towel. Cat says they have to do that again. Saweetie says her heart was racing. She thought something had happened. They are tanning for the rest of the day.

Cat says she’s so tired and falls asleep on the blanket. Saweetie checks her pulse. Cat pulls her arm back and asks her what’s she doing. She says she’s checking on her. Cat says she feels fine and tells her to relax. Saweetie sits up and watches the ocean.

As they walk to Saweetie’s car, Cat apologizes for snapping at her. Saweetie takes Cat’s duffel bag and puts it in the trunk and tells her it’s fine. Cat touches Saweetie’s arm and says she’s shaking. Saweetie says it just happens when she’s anxious. Cat says she didn’t mean to scare her. Saweetie says it’ll go away. Cat says next time don’t let her talk into it. Saweetie says she really wanted to jump, though. Cat tells her they’ll go shopping tomorrow and maybe get their nails. She adds the rocks destroyed her tips anyway.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2021

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