Video Review: Tal Bachman “She’s So High”

A twentysomething woman (Yvonne Sciò) pulls at a scarf as she walks on the sidewalk in the city. Tal Bachman plays guitar with his band in his apartment. She puts her purse on the pavement and takes off her jacket. Angel wings pop out. She puts on a cap and continues to walk. Bachman watches from the balcony.

Smiling, she puts on goggles. Carrying a rod, she skips as she passes some stores. A clown, holding several balloons walks. He reaches for the ribbon as she steals the balloons. She runs off and he gives up. A 7-year-old girl drinks water as she stands by a building. The twentysomething woman gives her the balloons. The 7-year-old girl floats in the air as the twentysomething woman drinks the water. She places the glass on the ground and walks up the fire escape.

People watch as she walks on the wire. She drops her rod and flies towards the glass on the ground. The water splashes the people. The people clap for her as she takes a bow.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman smacks Tal Bachman on the arm and says he has to try. Bachman shoves his hands in his pockets and tells her he’s not brave like her. She tells she’s scared all the time but she does it. He says the line to the restaurant is out the door. She tells him to give him a minute.

The hostess hugs her and says she has a private table set aside for her. The twentysomething woman waves him inside. He asks her “how did you do that?” She puts her fingers to her lips and says she’ll never tell. The owner walks up to their table and says it’s on her. They can whatever they like. The twentysomething woman says she would like the chocolate cake and cannoli. He laughs and says he’s going to have the prime rib. The owner smiles at her and mouths “handsome.”

She splashes paint on her dress. Bachman gasps and says he can’t look. She tears off some taffeta and shows him her sketches. He tells her it’ll be beautiful. She says it’s her second try on it. He says, “really?” She pinches his cheek and tells him he’s adorable. He looks down and blushes. She excuses herself and asks him to pat her angel wings for luck. He says he can drive her. It’ll be safer. She stands outside the balcony and says flying is faster. Once she gets back, she says they have to watch the news. On the news, the reporter gushes as he talks about the twentysomething woman rescuing a child walking into traffic. He puts his hand on his mouth and exclaims, “are you okay?” She shrugs, saying, “Not a scratch. And it was on the way.”

Director: N/A Year: 1999


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