Video Review: M People “One Night In Heaven”

Heather walks around Barcelona, Spain. Mike, Paul, Shovell and Heather run off into different directions in the city. They dance on Montserrat. Heather stands on the balcony. Mike, Shovell and Paul sit on the fountain. They stand on the steps of a building. They walk around Parc Guëll. She and Mike share a laugh as they raise their arms in their air,

Rating: 2/5

Heather sits on the grass and gazes at the mountain. She takes off her sneakers and rub her feet. In her purse, she finds a band-aid and puts it over a blister. She says she’s tired after walking for three hours. Paul tells her they are running behind. It’s going to be dark soon.

While they continue to walk, she takes pictures of the waterfall. She had really wanted to see the volcano. However, she was worn out and didn’t really care anymore. She says she wants to rest once they finish. Mike says she’ll able to relax in the taxi.

Heather continues to take pictures while in Parc Guëll. She takes out her brochure and says they haven’t gone to La Boqueria Market or the Barcelona Cathedral. Shovell says she’ll see it in the car as they get something to eat. Heather bites into her hamburger while they sit at picnic table by the vendor. Paul throws away his wrapper and napkins. Shovell gets up and says they should get going. They have to pack. Heather continues to eat her hamburger as they walk to their hotel. She pauses to take pictures. Mike urges her to get going. 

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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