Video Review: Shane Codd “Get Out of My Head”

A twentysomething man sits in his car. A twentysomething woman walks towards him and argues with him. A second twentysomething man gets out of his bed and walks to the window. He moves the curtain and watches them fight. She points to him and he walks downstairs.

Putting on his jacket, he closes the door and walks to her. They talk in the street. He runs and leaps over a children’s toy on the grass. She smiles at him while she runs across the street. They dance by a row of garages. Lit in royal blue, they continue to dance in a restaurant.

Back on the lawn, the second twentysomething man jumps over a puddle of water. They run over a metal bridge by the expressway and into a field. Smiling, they walk towards one another. They run into a golden lit bar. In silhouette, they stare at one another. She pulls him to her and walks away. He follows behind her.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman leans against the wall of the bar and looks at the stores. She points to a clothing store and says to the second twentysomething that today would’ve been her last shift. She was planning to leave at the end of the year and take a break. But she’s stuck in town for who knows how long. The second twentysomething man tells her he’d be sitting in the café, reading.

As they walk, he asks her if he was still dating the twentysomething man. She says she doesn’t know. He says he’s lived next door to him and he hasn’t changed. She says she he’s on his phone all the time and asks him how he puts up with it. He throws up his hands and says they were friends a long time ago. She nods and says she didn’t mean anything by it. She just assumed. He points to the right and says they should go to the field.

While they sit in the field, she almost touches his hand and turns away. She says she’s okay being single. They stare at one another. She says she really isn’t anyone right now. He nods and stretches out on the grass. She laughs and cuddles up to him. He puts his arm around her.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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