Video Review: Kings of Leon “The Bandit”

In black-and-white, Caleb, Jared, Nathan and Matthew on stage. In silhouette, they find spots and play. Golden lights shine on them as they play in color. Back in black-and-white, Nathan plays the drums. Matthew stands with one hand behind his back.

Caleb turns his head. Jared puts both his hands in front of him. It switches to color for a brief moment and returns to black-and-white. Matthew taps his foot as he plays guitar. They stand in place as they finish playing. Nathan holds onto his drumsticks.

Rating: 1/5

Caleb loosens the collar of his shirt and sits down on the amplifier. He pops open a can of beer and drinks. Nathan says he has an idea and starts to play a chord. Matthew nods and taps his drums. Jared records it on his phone. Caleb says he has so much to do and he’s done for the day. Jared says for him to call if he needs anything.

Nathan asks Matthew how he’s family doing. Matthew shrugs and says about the same. Nathan says he hopes they can tour again soon. Matthew says it’s going to be different. Jared says he can’t concentrate. Matthew tells Nathan they’ll get together soon.

Matthew holds his coffee as he walks to his car. He had really needed the time to be with his family. They had started work on something, He didn’t know what it would be. However, it’d keep his mind off things for awhile.

Directors: Casey McGrath & Robert Smyth Year: 2021

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