Video Review: Anne-Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals “Don’t Play”

Two twentysomething women shove Anne-Marie at school. One of the women steals her backpack. She holds her book to her chest and watches them walk away. Unfolding a piece of paper, she reads the flyer for a Fight Nite.

In silhouette, a twentysomething man kicks the punching bag. Anne-Marie wraps her wrist at the gym. She leans against the ropes of the ring. KSI watches her as she shadowboxes. He teaches her a different technique. She punches his stomach. KSI, Digital Farm Animals and Anne-Marie dance in the ring.

Digital Farm Animals gives KSI a tennis ball. KSI hits tennis balls as Anne-Marie dodges them. KSI and Anne-Marie unroll toliet paper as they train. She sighs in the locker room. Digital Farm Animals spars with her in the ring. She tugs at his neck and KSI tells her to stop.

Standing behind KSI and Digital Farm Animals, she watches two twentysomething fight at the underground club. Back in the gym, she hits the tennis balls and kicks her sparring partner through the wall. At the underground club, she knocks out her opponent. KSI cheers for her as she kicks her opponent. Her opponent lands on the ground, animated stars flying over her head. Anne-Marie slaps her opponent’s cheeks. KSI raises Anne-Marie’s arm in victory. The people cheer for her.

Rating: 2.5/5

Anne-Marie, wearing a sequined top and miniskirt, walks on the sidewalk. A twentysomething woman compliments her on her top and says it’s so pretty Anne-Marie puts on her sunglasses and ignores her as the twentysomething woman follows her.

The twentysomething woman sits behind her in class and says she has such good taste. Anne-Marie turns around and rolls her eyes at her. She raises her hand and answers a question in class. The twentysomething woman says she can be in their study group with her friends.

Anne-Marie sits on the grass and eats her lunch. She marks down notes in her notebook. The twentysomething woman and her friends walk up to her and sit by her. They ask her about her style and say she’s so cool. Anne-Marie asks the twentysomething about her backpack. She says it cost her about $300 to replace her textbooks and she almost failed a class. The twentysomething woman apologizes and says it was before she knew her. Anne-Marie punches in her face. While the twentysomething woman’s friends give her tissues to stop her nose from bleeding, Anne-Marie walks away.

Director: Roscoe Year: 2021

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