Video Review: Chip, Young Adz & Young MA “Lumidee”

Two thirtysomething women, wearing black cut-out dresses and high heels, stand by Chip at the window in his apartment. Clouds roll over the city. He sits on the steps. One of the thirtysomething women touches her body as she stands by the window.

Chip sits on the couch while several twentysomething woman talk. A twentysomething woman leans against the kitchen counter. Chip and Young Adz rap in the family room as people talk. A bottle of Havana Club sits in between Chip’s legs on the steps. A second twentysomething woman, twirls her aqua colored braided ponytail. Young Adz sits on the couch. The twentysomething woman drinks some wine from her glass.

Young MA rubs her hands together as she checks out a third twentysomething woman. A fourth twentysomething woman places her hand on MA’s lap as they sit on the couch. A fifth twentysomething woman stands on the balcony in MA’s apartment. The second twentysomething winks and flicks her ponytail. Young Adz and Chip continue to sit on the couch and rap.

Rating: 3.5/5

Young MA talks with the second twentysomething woman. She touches her braid and says it’s pretty. The second twentysomething woman says she accidently broke a vase at Chip’s apartment. Young MA puts her hand over her mouth. She says Chip was cool with it. However, she said she gave him some money to get a new one. Leaning in, she says she heard a new girlfriend.

Young MA gets up from the couch and says it’s just a thing for right now. The second twentysomething woman says the new girlfriend flew in from London. It’s more than just a thing. Young MA says she has to break it off with another woman, though. The second twentysomething woman grins and replies, “so it is serious.” Young MA hands her a drink and tells her it’s not a big deal.

The second twentysomething shows Young MA pictures and videos from Chip’s party. She says people were asking about her. Young MA raises her eyebrows and asks, “which people?” The second twentysomething woman says a couple of women. Young MA points some out in the picture. The second twentysomething woman nods and says they both wanted to know where she was. Young MA says she wished she hadn’t missed the party. The second twentysomething woman says she’s ordering in drinks from the bar. Young MA says to get her something with vodka. The second twentysomething woman hands her the phone and Young MA inputs her order.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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