Video Review: Joshua Bassett “Lie Lie Lie”

Joshua Bassett places his hands on the glass of his bedroom window. He leans against the window. Wearing a suit, he sits on a wooden stool. A pastel pink backdrop hangs behind him. He throws the stool and plays the guitar.

Wearing a patterened shirt and mauve jeans, he lies on the sand, his eyes closed. Holding his suit jacket over his shoulder, he walks in the sand. In a striped shirt, he leans against the hood of his car. He drives his car.

Wearing black lace pants and a silk white t-shirt, he sits on the couch. Lit in neon pink, he talks to some of his friends in the backseat of a car. Shirtless, he sits up in bed and sees a twentysomething woman sleeping next to him. Back on the couch, he gives the middle finger. At night, he sits under a string of lights on some poles and kicks the sand.  He films himself as he sings.

He hangs out the window of a car as it drives at night. In the family room of his home, he plays the drums and piano. He runs his middle finger on the windowsill. In his backyard, he kicks the pastel pink backdrop and tears. While hanging out the window of the car, he waves.

Rating: 1/5

Joshua Bassett clicks ignore on his phone. It was his girlfriend. Again. He told her he’d call once he got a chance. However, he had a song idea and couldn’t be interrupted during it. The twentysomething woman, who had slept with last night, had taken off. She got it. If his girlfriend wanted to be with him, she had to understand his art and know he couldn’t be encumbered by rules and structure.

He turns his phone off and catches up with some of his friends, which were several twentysomething woman. He rants that his girlfriend has been calling him non-stop. He explains she’s just so immature and wants him to be there. Shaking his head, he says they haven’t been dating that long. One of the twentysomething woman gives him a small smile and tells him she saw with another guy. He hits his dashboard and yells out a curse. Pointing his finger at them, he calls his girlfriend “that bitch.”

His girlfriend lifts her head up from his shoulder and comments he’s been quiet today. He stares ahead and doesn’t answer. She says they know they’ve been busy. He tells her to shut up and says he knows what she’s up to. She’s out there, flirting with other guys. Her mouth agape, she says it’s not true and asks where he heard it. He says it doesn’t matter. She says she wants to know. He stands in front of her, his teeth clenched and calls her a slut. She tells him she has to go and tries to open the door. Smirking at her, he reaches over her and opens the door.

Director: Gus Black Year: 2021

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