Video Review: Kelis & André 3000 “Millionaire”

A 13-year old girl sleeps in her bed. Frames of her mother sit on the mantle. A 13-year-old boy turns in his bed. A second 13-year-old sleeps, her head on the pillow. A teddy bear lies beside her. A second 13-year-old boy opens his eyes as he lies in his bed. The 13-year-old girl hits the alarm on her bed. A naked Barbie sits on the table next to it.

All the 13-year-old kids get up from their bed. The 13-year-old girl puts a cassette tape in the boombox in her bedroom. The second 13-year-old girl brushes her teeth. The 13-year-old boy sits with his feet up on the table, eating cereal. The second 13-year-old girl puts her hair in a ponytail and drinks orange juice in the backyard. The second 13-year-old takes the note off the refrigerator, which reads: “Put your clothes away. Love Mom.” A third 13-year-old gargles mouthwash into the bathroom sink.

The second 13-year-old walks with her friends on the sidewalk. She meets some more friends at the church and walk inside. The 13-year-old swings on the swing set at the park. Some 13-year-old girls talk by the fence. The second 13-year-old rests his head in his arms as he stands by the fence.

The third 13-year-old girl puts on the oversized glasses and dances in the 13-year-old girl’s room. The 13-year-old girl hugs the second 13-year-old girl. She and her friends have a pillow fight. Some 13-year-old boys place their hands on the glass of the barber shop and tease the second 13-year-old boy as he gets his haircut. She and her friends dance in her room. They get some food at the House of Seafood. The second 13-year-old boy looks out on the balcony and sits on his bed. On the refrigerator, a photo of the second 13-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl are smiling as they hang out together.

Rating: 5/5

The 13-year-old girl separates the jeans from the khakis She carries the jean pile and places them in the washing machine. Her mom was down to her last pair of khakis for work. Turning the dial, she sets the machine and calls one of her friends.

The second 13-year-old girl bites into her toast as she sits on the chair in the backyard. She waves to one of her neighbors next door. The thirtysomething woman asks her if she needs anything. The 13-year-old girl runs to the fence and says her dad hasn’t been able to fix the toilet. It keeps running after anyone flushes it. The thirtysomething woman says she’ll have her husband take a look at it later. She chirps “thank you” and sits back in the chair.

The 13-year-old boy tells his 8-year-old brother to stop shouting. Their mother is sleeping after working all night. His 8-year-old says he’s going to the park then. The 13-year-old boy says they have to eat breakfast first. He scrambles eggs in the pan and gives a plate to his brother. His brother scarfs the eggs down and runs to the door. The 13-year-old boy cleans up and leaves a note for his mom, letting them know they went to the park.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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