Video Review: Gnarls Barkley “Gone Daddy Gone”

Two animated fleas play the guitar and keyboards between the dog’s piece of fur. An animated flea version of Cee-Lo Green sings into the microphone. The dog scratches his fur, mashing it down. The fleas run on the dog’s skin. The dog shakes his head and the fleas fly into the air.

They walk on the rug. Green watches as a twentysomething woman dusts the mantle. Hearts form in his eyes. She plugs in the vacuum and cleans the rug. The fleas run again. Green continues to sing as he checks out her butt as she walks in the kitchen. As she washes the dishes, Green and the other fleas crawl on her shoes and up her thigh. One of the fleas plants a flag.

The twentysomething woman brushes the Green and the other fleas off her thigh. She sprays the fleas on the kitchen floor. The green cloud envelops several of the fleas. As Green breathes it, he thinks of sleeping with the twentysomething woman and riding on a bike with her. They sit on the grass and have a picnic. She stares at him while they sit on the beach. They walk the dogs together. He breathes out the fumes and lands on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Cee-Lo Green trudges on the grass. He checks his watch. The dog usually was outside by now. It was their last chance. One of the other fleas says they can try the house on the corner. The dog actually sniffed them the other day. Green says they are waiting. A second flea whines he’s hungry. Green tells them to go for a ant to tide him over.

The dog wags its tail as the twentysomething woman talks to it. Green gazes at her and smiles. He motions for the other fleas to get ready. Green jumps onto the dog’s fur. The other fleas leap onto the dog. Green hangs onto a piece of fur and crawls on its stomach.

The twentysomething woman rubs the dog’s forehead as it itches. She says she’s going to have to call the vet. Green leaps off as he listens to the conversation. It was the usual “wash the laundry, vacuum, steam cleaner.” It bought them a week, at least. No way she had a steam cleaner around her house.

The twentysomething woman puts away the vacuum and Green touches his heart. It was really close. There was no time. They had to burrow and nest. One of the other fleas gives him the thumbs up and says they’ll conquer her. A green cloud covers them. The other fleas cough. Green takes a whiff and knows it’s over. He could have a wonderful life with the twentysomething woman. She would’ve accepted him. But they’d never know.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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