Video Review: Selena Gomez “De Una Vez”

Lavender crystals bloom into twisting arteries and glow within a heart-shaped brooch on Selena Gomez’s Rodarte dress. As she lies in bed, she touches the brooch. While she sits up, sunlight streams into the room. Vines stand tall on the floor.

She dances in the family room, which has multiple lit lamps on the floor. Moving her arms over her head, each lamp goes off one by one. Standing up, her heart lights up the room in candy red. She leans against the wall as it cracks. Her hand on her cheek, she sits at the kitchen table and stares at her reflection. She holds a lit match and throws it on the burners, already in flames.

Butterflies hover by the television. On television, a flower opens. She walks into the living room. The glass wall. patterned with pastel squares flash as she dances. She sits on the edge of the bathtub, staring at the floor. Her reflection in the bathroom mirror sings.

Lying in the recreation room, she stares. As she kneels, books, records and a guitar fly in the air. Looking up, she sees the objects swirl through a hole in her house and into the gray clouds. The heart brooch throbs and turns into a metal locket. She leaves an empty room.

Rating: 2.5/5

Selena Gomez touches her heart. She could still feel. Some days it seemed as though the bitterness tainted every organ inside her. She had snapped at her mom on her phone and hadn’t meant it. Her mom had told her to feel better and hung up.

A guitar string breaks on her finger, cutting it. Some blood drips onto a birthday card. She shouts “no!” and tries to clean it. However, it smears the words. Her hands on her mouth, she tries to suppress her tears. She wasn’t going to cry over him anymore. It was ruined anyhow. As she opens it, she can make out the “l” in “I love you.” At one point, it had been true. It was the only memento she had kept. But it was gone now. She throws it in the trash.

A tree lands on the house, tearing through the ceiling of the recreation room. Rain soaked the guitar and the wind took ripped apart the books. She scrambles to salvage some of the albums. However, water dripped off the sleeves. She calls her mom and explains what happened. Her mom tells her not to worry about her things and come over right now. As she clutches her medicine, she watches as the wall cracks. Keys in hand, she starts her car and sees the walls crumble.

Director: Los Perez Year: 2021

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