Video Review: JoJo “Not That Kinda Girl”

JoJo dances against a black background, outlined with scarlet squares. She sits in the limousine while her manager and publicist talk on their phones. Through the windows, she sees three 16-year-old young woman approach a 16-year-old man sitting in his car. She smiles as one of the 16-year-old young woman enters her number into the 16-year-old young man’s phone.

The photographers snap pictures of her as she gets out the limousine. She smiles and waves at them. Her bodyguard beside her, she walks into the studio. Sitting in the chair, the make up artist applies lipstick. A stylist shows her a dress. She rejects the dress.

In black-and-white, she practices a routine with the dancers on stage. She sits on the stage and smiles while the photographer takes pictures. Back in color, she and the dancers perform the routine. Wearing a hoodie and jeans, she walks out of the studio. She steps onto the bus and finds a seat.

Rating: 4/5

JoJo sits on the bus and listens to music on her headphones. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees her bodyguard’s car behind the bus. She pulls her sleeves up to her hands and folds her arms on her lap. The bus driver passes a couple of office buildings. Some people stand on the sidewalk and smoke.

The bus flashes its light. She sees a twentysomething man, in khakis and a polo shirt waiting. Her bodyguard parks his car and walks up to the bus. She overhears him tell the twentysomething man no pictures. Pulling out her headphones, she steps out of the bus and smiles at the twentysomething man.

The bodyguard helps her into the van. He asks her about the drive. She explains it was good to feel normal for about 10 minutes. The van drops her off at home. Her mom asks her how work went. She says learned a new routine and took some photographs. As she walks into the family room, she plugs in the vacuum. Her mom says she doesn’t have to do it. She says she’s had people waiting on her all day and she just wants to do something. Her mom shrugs and says it’s fine. As she vacuums, she thinks she might do some homework.

Director: Fat Cats Year: 2005

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