Video Review: Juice WRLD & Young Thug “Bad Boy”

Juice WRLD, in black-and white, moves his head. Against the black background, he narrates: “Make sure that you know that we all human beings we all on the same Earth so with that being said you can achieve anything if not more than what you see other people achieve. And that’s facts.”

In black-and-white, Juice WRLD and Young Thug get out the car. Switching to color, Juice WRLD puts on sunglasses and holds his cigar. Back in black-and-white, they stand by a spiraling background and by the car. In color, they drive the car through the city at night.

Navy blue paint drips from a young man’s eye and onto the cakey white make-up on his cheek. They walk in an alley. Several young men, with cakey white makeup on their face, bow their heads at Juice WRLD and Young Thug. Lit in a carmine red, Young Thug continues to rap by the spiraling background. Back in the alley, navy blue paint continue to runs on the young men’s faces. The young men stand by crates of wood. Juice WRLD smokes his cigar.

Three twentysomething young men, with cakey white-make up and navy blue eyes, dance as they stand by some of the crates. Juice WRLD pours gasoline on the pavement and lights it with his cigar. As Juice WRLD and Young Thug walk away, the twentysomething men burn.

Rating: 2.5/5

Juice WRLD receives a text from his girlfriend. He tells Young Thug that she stashed the money. Young Thug says she and the other young women likely took their cut. Juice WRLD shrugs, says it’s something they would do. It’s a part of it. They earned it. Young Thug turns off his headlights and says he thinks the alley is on the street.

Juice WRLD and Young Thug approach the group of twentysomething young men in the alley. Young Thug looks to the back and on the sides of the crates. He didn’t trust anybody. Juice WRLD was too close and wanted to save his girlfriend. However, he was good with the money.

One of the twentysomething men chat with them. Young Thug says it’s nice they got a chance to catch up. But they came here for the money. One of the twentysomething man brings out one duffel bag. Young Thug says he thought there would be another two bags. The twentysomething man shrugs. Young Thug counts it. Juice WRLD smokes his cigar and texts his girlfriend to get out. She could start over and they could be together. In her text, she says she’s going to stay. He picks up the gasoline and pours it slowly. From the corner of her eye, he looks for her. Young Thug shakes his head. He lights the pavement on fire and turns his back. There was no need to watch. Young Thug picks up the bag and pats him on the shoulder.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2021

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