Video Review: Dionne Warwick & Jeffrey Osborne “Love Power”

Dionne Warwick drives passes the marina as she drives in Los Angeles, California. Jeffrey Osborne drives by the Capitol Records office building. She and Osborne talk over dinner at a restaurant. Hand on his chin, he listens to her. She takes a rose out of the vase and drops into a bowl of water. Warwick stops at the traffic light. Osborne turns left onto the same road.

A thirtysomething woman whispers in Osborne’s ear as they dance at the restaurant. Warwick smiles as she dances with him. She gazes at him while they roller skate at the rink. A thirtysomething man plays the saxophone. Back at the rink, they hold hands as they skate together.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dionne Warwick sways her hips as she gets out her explanation of benefits (EOB) from the doctor out of the drawer. Her twentysomething daughter laughs and tells her, “you’re in a good mood.” She taps her daughter on the arm with the EOB and says she a great time over the weekend. Her daughter responds, “things are going really well with the gentleman.” Warwick nods. Her daughter says she’d like him. Warwick says she will once they figure out everyone’s schedule.

Osborne puts a necklace around Warwick’s neck. She says it’s beautiful. He kisses her and says he should’ve the first time when they were together. Warwick puts her arms around his neck and says it was a long time ago. They are both different people now. Warwick says their daughter helped her out with the EOB. She doesn’t have to pay anything. Osborne says their daughter is coming over next for weekend for dinner. Warwick says she wants to know who she’s dating. Osborne says they’ll tell her over the weekend.

His daughter says she hopes his new girlfriend isn’t like the thirtysomething one. The thirtysomething woman obviously wanted her out of the picture. He tells her she’ll like her. His daughter places a card on the table. The doorbell rings. Osborne says he’ll get it. Their daughter watches them hug, stares at her cards and back at her parents again. She gets up and starts to cry. Warwick hands her a tissue and says it’s okay. They didn’t want to get her hopes up. Their daughter tells them she’s been wanting them to back together since she was a kid. Osborne and Warwick hug her.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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