Video Review: Tenille Arts “Somebody Like That”

Tenille Arts, wearing a sequined dress, dances by a golden foil flower hanging in the center of the black background. Against a rose pink background, she places a hand on a twentysomething man’s chest. He places his hand on hers and looks at her. She sits on the twentysomething man’s lap and holds a drink.

Lit in neon pink, she dances in the club. The twentysomething man and her friends watch. Against a soft golden background, the twentysomething man sits on a chair and holds a ring. She takes it. Wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet, she stands with him. Shaking her head, she throws the bouquet onto the ground. She walks away from him. Multiple wedding rings fall onto the floor.

Against the rose pink background, she sits backwards on the chair. The twentysomething man whispers in her ear  as she sits on his lap. Back against the soft golden background, she sits on the floor in her wedding dress. On the dance floor, she turns her head and sees the twentysomething man stare at a twentysomething woman.

She accepts a rose from the twentysomething man. A third twentysomething woman cries. Several twentysomething women stare at her while she stands with him. As she walks by them, she wipes the tear from the third twentysomething woman’s cheek. She opens the curtain.

Smiling, she walks on the field. A second twentysomething man walks towards her. They join hands and walk together.

Rating: 3/5

Tenille Arts swipes right on the dating app on her phone. A couple of men had expressed interest. However, they no longer had any appeal. The buzzer on the dryer goes off in the laundry room. She despised folding. Her ex-husband usually helped her with it. But he had left her two years ago. Sometimes it felt like a month ago. Resting  her head on the table, she stares at the dials on the stove.

Arts sends a direct message to one of her friends on social media. They’d been talking for awhile. He asks her if she’d like to hang out. Arts types and deletes her response. She really wanted to say yes. He wanted a relationship with her. It wasn’t going to be a couple of dates and move on. She turns on the television and watches her favorite show.

While on break at work, she writes back to him. She tells him she’d like to hang out with him. Hands on her forehead, she closes her eyes and wonders what she just did. He could just want to spend time with her. She turns off the alarm on her phone and walks back to her desk. As she types, she glances at her phone and looks for a notification.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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