Video Review: Al B. Sure! “Off On Your Own Girl”

Lit in indigo, Al B. Sure  stands in the hallway and watches the twentysomething woman. In color, she gets up from the chair. Rotating from indigo and color, Sure puts on his jacket. She tugs at his collar and picks up her purse by the door. Putting on her sunglasses, she walks out of the house.

He looks out the window and watches her as she gets into her car. Sitting on the windowsill, he stares at at the street. She drives in the city. He shakes hands with an fortysomething man as he sits down at the table at the Mezzogiorno. The twentysomething woman dances in a studio with several young women. A thirtysomething man, the choreographer, talks to them as they practice.

While in the meeting, he looks over the contract and calls up the twentysomething woman. He talks on the phone. The thirtysomething man hangs up the ringing phone in the studio. A photographer takes his picture as he leaves the restaurant.

He stands on the end of the sidewalk and watches her dance by a building. A second twentysomething woman tips her sunglasses to her nose as she checks him out while he gets into the car. He dances during a photoshoot. Sitting on a chair, he pours water as his face as the photographer continues to take photos. Back on the sidewalk, he kisses her as they stand by the building.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman sits on the floor during practice. The phone rings again. The thirtysomething man, a choreographer, rolls his eyes. He hangs it up for the third time and tells them they are not to give out the direct phone number. Any family members or friends need to contact the front office. She excuses herself and walks to the front office. Dialing the phone, she leaves a message for her mom. She was supposed to call last night.

Al B. Sure says he can’t make a decision right now. One of the fortysomething man suggests rescheduling the meeting. He seems distracted. Sure flips through his notes and says he just needs to try again. There was no answer at the studio. As the executives talk, he taps his finger on the table and pushes away his plate. The twentysomething woman couldn’t even acknowledge him.

She talks with the choreographer and asks him a couple questions about the routine. He tells her it could still change and he’ll let him them know. She says she’ll see him tomorrow as she walks out of the door. Turning her head, she sees Sure leaning against her car. She asks him what he’s doing there. He explains she just left and he didn’t know what happened. She says she had to work and didn’t have to time to say goodbye. He asks her if she wants to hang out again. She pauses and says, “yes.” As he gets into the car, she informs she has an early practice tomorrow and won’t be able to hang out long. He grins and tells her about his meeting.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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