Video Review: Billie Eilish & Rosalía “Lo Vas A Olvidar”

Lit in navy blue, Billie Eilish looks down. Rosalía lies on the floor and gazes at the ceiling. Wearing a Christian Dior dickie, a bra top and denim jeans, she raises her arms in the air and turns her head. Eilish puts her hands on her head. A light snow falls on her as she puts her hand on her arm. Eilish kneels on the floor.

Rating: 1/5

Rosalía texts Billie Eilish. She asks her if she heard from one of their mutual friends. Eilish responds she hasn’t. Rosalía puts her phone away. She had to accept there was nothing she could do. However, their mutual friend could be anywhere, asking for help. She gets her keys. Her boyfriend tells her she’s staying out of it. If their mutual friend is in trouble, she’ll let them know. She sighs and walks to the couch.

Eilish wanders around the park. She sits on the swing and thinks of their mutual friend, laughing and pushing her. If it wasn’t for their mutual friend, she wouldn’t have met Rosalía. Rosalía had questioned Eilish joining the group. Eilish was still kind of young, compared to everyone else, who was in their mid or late 20s. Their mutual friend said Eilish could handle it.

Perhaps their mutual friend felt left out. She and Rosalía had become best friends. They sometime hung out with each other. Rosalía had warned her about some people in the group and to keep her distance. Their mutual friend had had taken Eilish to a party and given her a few pills. Eilish had wanted to fit in with her friends. She didn’t speak with Rosalía for about a month. However, after a second mutual friend died of an overdose, they had talked at the funeral. Their mutual friend had glared at Rosalía and accused her of trying to be the mom of the group. Their mutual friend had screamed they didn’t need another mom. Rosalía says she’d go. Eilish went with her. Their mutual friend shouted Eilish wasn’t allowed back. Eilish texts Rosalía she may know something and says to meet her at the park.

Director: Nabil Year: 2021

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