Video Review: Fredo “Back To Basics”

Fredo rolls some dice on the floor of his family room. At night, he pulls into the driveway of his home. He stands on the windowsill of his apartment. A friend of his sips his drink as Fredo talks to him. Cigarette in mouth, he sits in the chair, shaking the dice in his fist.

His friends sit on the couch. One friend stares at his lighter. He talks with some of his friends in the driveway. Fredo cuts into the steak at the table. His friend takes pictures of the dice on his phone. Fredo smokes and watches his friend take the money.

Rating: 3/5

Fredo sits on the couch and says they could watch a movie. One of his friend responds he just wants to smoke and sleep. A second friend says he’ll play dice with them. Fredo and his friend place their bets on the floor. He rolls a ten. His friend shakes his head and say he may as well give him his money as he rolls a seven. Fredo adds 300 hundred dollars to his bet. His friend scrounges some twenties out of his wallet. Fredo hangs his head as he wins again. His friend says, “every time.”

Fredo really wanted his friend to win. His friend needed the money and was to proud to ask for it. Fredo offers to play again and rolls a four. His friend grins and rolls a ten. Fredo says there should be about $1,000. His friend says it’s about 750 dollars. Fredo adds in the extra money for him and tells him to have a good time with it.

His second friend eats a piece of the steak and tells him it’s so good. He says he’s been living television dinners for the last few months. Fredo says he has some spare steaks in the freezer and mentions he can take some home. His second friend says he really appreciates it. A third friend asks if he can have a steak, too. Fredo nods and says there is more than enough. A fourth friend says he’s going to bed. Fredo says he’ll see him in the morning. His fourth friend had been staying for about two months after he lost his apartment and said he’ll be out in a few days. Fredo told him he didn’t mind. He liked having a roommate. His fourth friend will get back on his feet again.

Director: Suave Year: 2021

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