Video Review: Taylor Swift “Our Song”

Taylor Swift paints her toenails as she talks on the telephone. Playing with the cord, she looks into the mirror in her bedroom and writes “love” in red lipstick. Wearing an aqua gown, she walks barefoot on her tiptoes on the porch and sits down.

Back in her bedroom, she blows on her nails as they dry. She spins around on the porch. Wearing a red dress, she sits on a floor of roses, she plucks off the petals. Wearing a black dress and gloves. she plays her silver guitar against a charcoal background. Several guitarists, a drummer and violinist play behind her She continues to sit on the porch.

Rating: 4/5

Taylor Swift bounces up and down as the junior class secretary puts a crown on her head. She links arms with her steady boyfriend, who was also a junior. The junior class president congratulates them. Their classmates separate on the dance floor as the DJ plays a ballad.

As they slow dance, she rests her head on his shoulder. Everything was perfect. She was with the love of her life on prom night and they were dancing to their song. Closing her eyes, she makes wish that every day could be as wonderful as tonight. She had everything she wanted: good grades, the respect of the teachers, and a faithful, long-term boyfriend.

While driving to the restaurant, she switches the dial to rock music. She pretends to play the guitar. He smiles as he watches her nod her head. She laughs and dances in her seat. He says he didn’t know she was into rock. She explains she heard it a friend’s house. He says who he knows she’s talking about and tells her the young woman’s strange. She says she’s just into different things from the rest of their friend and it’s refreshing. She had hoped her friend would be at the prom. However, her friend told her dances didn’t interest her. He tells her to keep the friendship to herself. Their friends would disown her. Looking at her fingers, she nods and tells him, “okay.”

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2007

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