Video Review: Omarion “I’m Tryna”

Omarion and a twentysomething woman (Danielle Polanco) laugh as they walk out of her house. They get inside his car. Parked by the curb, he looks at her house and puts his hands on his face. He dances inside a warehouse and an empty office building.

They hold hands as they walk in the wall. He stares at a second twentysomething woman as she walks out of a store. The second twentysomething woman smirks at her. The twentysomething catches him staring and he smiles at her.

He eyes the server as she takes his order. The twentysomething woman stands up and throws a napkin at him. She walks down the steps and into her car. His bodyguard walks behind him as they follow her. He leans against the hood of her car and talks with her. She gestures for him to move. He puts his hand on her cheek and they hug by her car.  They kiss by the trees. He answers his phone and she exclaims, “what!” She walks away from him.

A twentysomething man pulls up to her driveway. She smiles at him as he parks the car. Omarion watches them kiss. She gets out his car and they walk into her house. Omarion runs up the driveway and stands at the door.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman checks the curb as she pulls out of her driveway. Omarion wasn’t there. She makes a right turn just in case. He could be lurking around somewhere. She parks her car in the lot at work. As she walks up to the door, he approaches her.

He bumps her badge out of her hand and demands she listen to him. She says he’s going to make her late for work. He explains he wants her back as he holds her hand. She says she’ll consider it. He folds his hands together and says “thank you” multiple times. She watches him leave and then scrambles for her badge in a puddle.

Her arms trembling, she walks into her boyfriend’s home. She says she think she saw Omarion. Her boyfriend tells her to stay right by the door. He walks on the driveway and looks in both directions. Walking back, he shakes his head and says no one is there. She screams as Omarion attacks him. Omarion punches him and says, “I’m sorry, baby. But I got to do it. He doesn’t deserve you.” The second twentysomething man touches his bloody nose and raises his arms up in the air. He tells him he doesn’t any trouble. Omarion pleads with the twentysomething woman to him. The second twentysomething dials 911 on his cell phone as he stands behind a bush.

Director: Chris Stokes Year: 2005

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